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27 September 2017 @ 02:56 am
JibCon8: Orion Club Concert Video & Caps Pt 1 - B&W Set  
Remember way back in May? No? Well, I posted the initial set of caps from the awesome JibCon8 video by amberdreams and...never posted the 2nd set of caps! Until now... *g*

This set is in beautiful Black & White! :D

I have 2 sets of the caps, a Small Set (if you just want the highlights) and the Full Set (if you want everything). Or you can just grab from the preview caps under the cut or select from the Small Set on SlickPic.

And here's Amber's great video again for your viewing pleasure! Please go over to youtube and leave her some love!

:: Cap Size: 1920 x 1080 :: Cap Total: 747/226 :: Selected Preview Caps: 78
:: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

Select from the 78 Sample Caps below or View the entire album of 222 caps at SlickPic.
Download a zipped folder of the Small Set of 226 Caps: JibCon8 OrionClub Caps - Pt 1 B&W Sm Set by Raloria.zip - 138MB
Download a zipped folder of the Full Set of 747 Caps: JibCon8 OrionClub Caps - Pt 1 B&W by Raloria.zip - 450 MB

// Click to see caps full-sized //


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JJ1564jj1564 on September 27th, 2017 03:53 pm (UTC)
Wow, these black & white caps are so beautiful! I love the close ups of Gil, and there are so many awesome ones of Jensen *swoons* Thanks so much for sharing. I love this one..
milly_galmilly_gal on September 28th, 2017 06:16 am (UTC)
What I wouldn't give to actually be there one day ♥