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20 January 2018 @ 02:16 am
First Impressions Review: 13x10 "Wayward Sisters"  
Finally got to watch the episode! So glad to have the show back. Let's do this!!!

Yeah! Kick ass Then sequence! :D
So we’re somewhere in Iowa…w/a scared girl and a creepy dude sharpening a knife.
And there’s another dude…werewolf! So this begs the question…why does a werewolf need a knife?
Claire! Haha! She’s pretty badass now. Swiftly takes out all….3 werewolves and saves the little girl. Hot damn!
Jody calls…”It’s Sam & Dean. They’re missing. They were on a hunting trip and I haven’t heard from them in a few days. It’s time to come home.” Nice variation on the line about John from the Pilot. ;)

Heh. Nice reunion of Claire and Jody and Alex turns awkward when Claire sees Patience is wearing her sweatshirt. :P
Alex tends to Claire’s wounds and then goes off to work at the hospital. Claire then finds out why Jody is extra worried….Patience saw Claire die in Jody’s arms.
Whoah, whoah, whoah. Claire’s a little egotistical here if she thinks that careful planning for a hunt is how people get killed. Geez. She storms out of the house.

Meanwhile, a guy spotted Kaia’s body by the road and she’s being taken away in an ambulance….but something is watching from the bushes!
And we get a quasi-cute scene between Claire and Alex. Haha! So cute how they act like they hate each other. Alex knew how Claire would react to the news of Patience’s vision. They check the hospital system for the boys or Kaia and a recent Jane Doe pops up.
Claire goes to check her out and sure enough, it’s Kaia…who freaks out and runs away before Claire can say much of anything besides she’s a friend of Sam & Dean.
Kaia runs outside and Monster!!!! Claire and Jody! to the rescue! Ew! It’s got blue blood.

Time for a little monster autopsy in Jody’s garage! :P
Awwww….Kaia and Claire are having a sweet little bonding session, sharing scar stories. Kaia says that monster hunts in packs…..hmmmm. And she doesn’t fight them, she just runs and sometimes they catch her.
Kaia tells the others about what happened with the boys…crossing over into another world, the Bad Place, and that this monster is from there. How does Claire just assume the door is still open? Blah, blah. Whatever. lol
Kaia says something went wrong and if the boys are in the Bad Place they’re already dead. Ha! You don’t know the Winchesters, hun.

Cooking’ and eatin’ lizard. Yum! :P Sam’s sort of disgusted.
Sam wants to look for the door, but Dean figures they’ve been there 2 days and nobody back home even knows where they are…better get used to eating lizard. heh.
Something’s growling…time to get moving…Dean going back for the cooked lizard. Hee! Why leave the fire burning though???
Ooooh….hooded figure with the spear that kills Claire???

Patience is packing to go back home. Uh…and what? Just ignore your visions again???
She’s too freaked out about what’s happening and she’s not a fighter. Alex tells her she isn’t either, they can help in other ways.
Oh! Another vision! The monsters are coming! She tells the others and Claire’s still skeptical, but Kaia urges her to listen.
They watch via a security camera from the car as the monsters invade Jody’s place. Where the hell IS Jody anyway??? She’s not with the girls.

And next we see Jody driving up with all the girls (in 2 vehicles) to a spot by the water. WTH???
Oh, okay….I backed it up and watched again….Jody was in the room when Patience told them about the vision, so she was there.
Anyhow….Jody called in some back-up….Donna!!!! :D
D-train on the license. heh.
Aw, Donna hugging Alex and Claire. Still don’t know when she met the girls. Pretty sure we didn’t see it in an episode. Grrrrr.
Donna been killing vampires…and brought the basics, knives, guns, etc.

Patience: Why do you have all this?
Donna: I’m from Minnesota.


They figure out from Kaia’s recollection of that night with the boys, where the shipyard is. Time to go check it out. But Jody asks Claire to stay behind and watch the girls and she surprises everyone by agreeing.

Back to the boys…Sam figures this is a whole different universe and Dean’s griping that it sucks before picking something out of his shoe. Gah! Hooded person!!! Damn, it fights and knocks the boys out pretty easily. Super fast, too! Uh, oh….

Jody and Donna go check out the shipyard and Donna spots the Impala still parked there!
They see the melted angel blade and the burnt wings on the walls.

More bonding time with Claire and Kaia. Boy, these 2 are really becoming close fast!
Claire admits she’s scared…she figured she’d die doing something heroic, but to actually know she’s going to die thanks to Patience’s vision is another thing. She wants to listen to Jody and be safe, but at the same time the boys saved her life and she doesn’t want to just sit this fight out. Kaia says not to and she’ll go with her.

Jody and Donna find the glowing portal door.
What the??? Jody wants to just go in without letting the girls know??? What happened to having a plan! Going in with knowledge and all that??? *sigh* She tells Donna she can’t lose another child. Uh, oh…noises. They go check it out. Phew!
More monsters! Great, bullets aren’t doing anything. Run gals!

Back to the boys, who are tied to separate trees. This is not good!
Dean wakes up Sam….Sammy. Heh. Love that! :D
That hooded figure is definitely a woman. Too slender to be otherwise. She bangs the spear against the big monster skull and walks away. Monster sounds! Dean puts 2 and 2 together. “I think it just rang the dinner bell.”

Claire’s worried - Jody’s not answering her phone.
Jody and Donna are hiding in an old car….monsters are outside banging against it.
Haha! Claire with a flamethrower!!!
Claire runs up to the door and Jody goes after her. Oh! The door is shrinking!!!!
Claire: "I know you're trying to protect me, but I need to save Sam and Dean...and you have to let me."
Jody: "I know."

Donna’s doing a quickie shooting lesson for Patience….squeeze the trigger, don’t pull.
Monsters are back! Yikes! There’s a bunch of them!!!!
They start heading upstairs to the others….and Jody tells Claire to go.
She and Kaia go through the door (holding hands...awww) and go to the Bad Place.
Ha! Nice work with the locker to block off the stairway!
Claire and Kaia cut Sam and Dean free. Uh….how did they know where they were??? They were that close to the door??? C’mon!
Back on the ship, they’re all loaded up with guns. Uh…shouldn’t one of you at least have the flamethrower that, you know, actually killed one of the monsters???
Okay, one shot killed one…pretty sure that was a shotgun blast though.

The girls and Sam & Dean approach the door and eek! Hooded gal! She throws the spear and Kaia pushes Claire out of the way, getting hit herself. Oh, now the boys take out their angel blades.
Wait! Kaia can’t die! Isn’t she supposed to be in the spinoff??? What is happening???
Whoah! That is one tall monster! Taller than the trees!!!!
Okay, bullets work, if you fire a bunch into the monsters.
So Claire and the boys get through the door before the big monster attacks. Scary!
Poor Claire’s heartbroken about losing Kaia though and cries in Jody’s arms.
Nice little montage there of dead Kaia and crying Claire and Patience seeing that this is what her vision was showing her, not Claire’s death….I guess. It’s kinda fuzzy. Why bring the sound back for Claire’s little sob though? That was weird.

The boys are leaving and Claire’s not talking to anyone, but they ask Jody to tell her thanks for them when she’s ready to hear it. They’re worried more of those monsters are out there, but Jody says they can handle it, the boys protect the world. They’ve got Sioux Falls covered. Aw, nice hugs with the boys!

Jody talks to Claire. Claire gets it now. She rushed in, without a plan, and Kaia’s dead because of it. She understands why Jody was so worried about her. Jody says she doesn’t have to do this alone, when she’s ready, they’re all here for her.

Donna, Patience, and Alex are cleaning the mess up from the monster invasion.
Patience: I killed a monster.
Alex: Welcome to the family.

Claire: I came back to Sioux Falls to save Sam and Dean Winchester. And I did. No. We did. We saved Sam and Dean. All of these amazing women. My family. They don't know it yet. They think I'm staying because I'm broken. But I'm staying because I need them. My family. My army. The thing that killed Kaia is still out there. And I don't care if I have to tear another hole in the universe. We're going to find it. And I'm going to kill it.

We see Claire join her new family at the dinner table and a new door opens somewhere, and the hooded gal comes though it….Kaia!!!! WTH????


Claire: "I kill monsters. That's who the hell I am."

Jody: Hi, Claire. It's it's Sam and Dean... They were on a hunting trip, and I haven't heard from them for a few days. It's time to come home.

Claire: Surprise. Hi, Jody. Alex. You miss me?
Alex: Not really.

Claire: "Sitting back and making the perfect plan, losing time. That's how people end up dead."

Alex: You look like Biker Barbie.

Kaia: Uh, I'm a dreamwalker. It means when I sleep, I see another world this other dimension.
Patience: Seriously?
Kaia: The Bad Place. It's where that came from. Your friends Sam and Dean, they wanted me to help them open a door to another world. And we did, but something went wrong.

Sam: No, don't -- don't tell me it tastes like chicken.
Dean: No, Sam, it's a lizard. It tastes like a lizard.

Patience: This is just all way too freaky. I mean, your mom's out burying a monster in the backyard.
Alex: Well, you gotta bury him somewhere.
Patience: Um, I came here to tell Jody about my vision, and Claire just blew it off. And I am not a fighter. I couldn't even imagine going up against one of those things.
Alex: You don't have to be a fighter. I'm not. Not really. You know, we help in other ways.

Donna: Okay, you too Rainbow Bright.

Jody: Patience, Kaia, this is Sheriff Donna Hanscum. She's, uh, killed a lot of vampires.
Donna: Ah, ya know. I do what I do. Anyhoo, brought the basics.
Pateince: Why do you have all this?
Donna: I'm from Minnesota.

Donna: "So, who knows how to use a flamethrower?"

Jody: I'm going in.
Donna: What now?
Jody: If I don't, she will. Donna, I cannot lose another child.

Donna: We make a run for the truck, we're dead.
Jody: We stay here, we're dead.
Donna: All righty then.

Sam: Jody, that rift was open for a while. More of those things may have come through.
Dean: Now we've seen some freaks, but over there, it's a whole new world of bad.
Jody: We will handle it. Come on. You guys take care of the world. We got Sioux Falls covered.
Dean: Damn right you do.

Claire: I didn't even think. I just raced in. No plan. I said I'd protect her. I get it now why you are the way you are with me. Because of this feeling.
Jody: You don't have to do this alone. When you're ready, if you want we're all here for you.

Claire: I came back to Sioux Falls to save Sam and Dean Winchester. And I did. No. We did. We saved Sam and Dean. All of these amazing women. My family. They don't know it yet. They think I'm staying because I'm broken. But I'm staying because I need them. My family. My army. The thing that killed Kaia is still out there. And I don't care if I have to tear another hole in the universe. We're going to find it. And I'm going to kill it.

Final Thoughts:

Ok, I had super high hopes for this episode, SPN spin-off potential, backdoor Pilot and all that.
Were the high hopes met? Mostly.
Maybe I was too excited. Maybe I saw too many sneak peek clips. Maybe I was doomed to be slightly disappointed.
I don't want to imply that I'm super disappointed or anything though. I did enjoy the episode and I truly hope the spin-off gets picked up as a series. I just felt the episode wasn't quite as epic as I was hoping.

* The Claire problem. *
I've always liked Claire and been far more forgiving of her character than a few others out there. I really like Katherine Newton and I've totally enjoyed her appearances on the show. You could tell right away the show was setting her up to be the main lead here, but I also feel they failed her with some poorly written lines and some awkward acting. It wasn't a lot, but enough that I took notice and I shouldn't have. It's the first time I felt her acting wasn't quite up to her past appearances and that's disappointing. Maybe I'll feel different after a rewatch.

* Stupid things. *
- The boys have been in the Bad Place for over 2 days and NOW they're finally eating roasted lizard?
I'd also like to know how they killed those things...with only angel blades...
- Why would the boys leave that campfire burning?
- It still bugs me that Donna greets Alex & Claire like they're old friends. When did she meet them???
- Claire & Kaia found the boys tied to those trees far too fast and easily. They've been wondering around in this world for over 2 days. You're telling me they didn't venture that far from the portal/door??? Okay....maybe. But they found them like, instantly.

* Kaia *
So our Kaia is dead in the Bad Place and the hooded figure there is another version of Kaia?
How did this happen? Is this like what happened to Charlie in Oz where part of her split off and was Bad!Charlie? 'Cause I could totally see that. Problem is...if this is indeed Bad!Kaia that has come through the portal into this world....Uh, oh. There won't be any re-joining the two halves in this scenario. Maybe Bad!Kaia can be reformed?

* The Boys & The Bad Place. *
I get that this episode was going to be mostly about the Wayward Sisters (hello? Title) but I did kinda wish we'd seen a tiny bit more of the boys out there in the woods, keeping away from monsters. It's a minor complaint. Really even barely worth mentioning, but I did miss the boys a bit since we haven't seen them in over a month (hiatus).

Okay, like I've said, this episode probably deserves a 2nd viewing. I might think differently about it then. Hopefully, I will. I like the idea of the spin-off, always have and I hope it becomes a reality. It's certainly a huge improvement over the disaster that was "Bloodlines". The best thing is that we, the fandom, pushed for this idea since the beginning, and here it is, about to be, hopefully, a reality. The power of this fandom is truly amazing.

My grade for this ep is a B+. Hopefully I can change it to an A later on.

Let's bring on next week!!!

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borgmama1of5borgmama1of5 on January 20th, 2018 04:26 pm (UTC)
My explanation of why Dean and Sam couldn't find the door but Claire could find them: When they were flung through they ended up a good distance from the rift. When the mystery figure knocked them out, it dragged them closer to the door. In Kaia's visions she always saw the giant skull--so she always entered the bad place at that spot, and that's where the rift is. So when Claire and Kaia came through they were near the boys.

The part that really annoyed me was, everyone is running full speed toward the rift--they see it--and they stop to gawk which gives the mystery figure time to attack. Why would they stop running??? (Flashback to Sam and Dean staring at an unconscious president waiting to be caught by the feds. Grrr.) And it would have been so easy to have the bad guy standing in front of the rift and that's why they had to stop!

I was really happy with how the womens' dialog was written--I was worried Claire was going to be whiny the whole time but she got over it. I really want this to become a series!
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on January 20th, 2018 07:01 pm (UTC)
I could happily watch this if it becaomes a series, I loved the ladies interaction and I always love seeing Jody and Donna.
supernutjapansupernutjapan on January 21st, 2018 01:23 am (UTC)
I think the second Kaia is just AU Kaia - just like there are versions of Lucifer and Michael in the other AU, versions of Sam and Dean in French Mistake etc. In that Bad Place, there is a Kaia who has learned to survive by keeping her minions happy with food. Or maybe they raised her after she lost her parents like Jungle Book. She is not necessarily bad - just doing what she has to to survive. It's possible Kaia from Supernatural Universe maybe can go to the other Universe because of something to do with Kaia version 2. It is interesting to contemplate why she kept on just seeing this particular universe.

I think Claire and her were able to find the boys because Kaia knew this place inside out. She maybe even knew the sacrificial place, where AU Kaia would take her victims. There is so much more to this story from Kaia's point of view and maybe we will find out some of it from AU Kaia.

Loved the episode. Yeah, there were things I wasn't 100 percent happy with - Sam and Dean getting caught so easily for example, and Claire talking as if she is going to be the leader of her 'army.' But that maybe just me being sensitive. Claire needs her 'other half' and maybe Alex will end up filling that. I wouldn't mind them leading together.
khekkhek on January 21st, 2018 02:20 am (UTC)
I was happy with the episode. I hadn't watched much of the spoilers, and I've always liked Jody and Donna. Claire has grown on me, and I liked the other girls. As for The Claire Problem and Stupid Things, I figured that they're not quite as confident writing for characters other than the boys, and a little awkwardness was to be expected.

As for Kaia! Since we didn't see what was under the robe in The Bad Place, and Kaia's body was just left there, I did wonder if the Robed One might be some kind of shapshifter, and it either imitated or borrowed or absorbed Kaia's body. I also wondered if (different scenario) Kaia was somehow part of The Bad Place, and is somehow part of helping the monsters to escape.

I also wished for more of Sam and Dean, but I was surprised that the story hung together so well without them. Better than Bloodlines, and better than both the weird Werewolf episode and the Ghostfacers!
casey: spn claire blondcasey28 on January 24th, 2018 03:46 pm (UTC)
I loved it! I thought Kathryn's acting was good. It takes a new series a little time to find it's rhythm, and they all did a pretty good job.

I read that they cut a lot of the script because it was too long, so maybe that's why the rescue seemed rushed. And the boys were flung far from the portal, so it makes sense to me that they couldn't find it right away.

Since Kaia will be a series regular if Wayward gets picked up, it gives me hope that we'll get our Kaia back. Or maybe it's like dark!Charlie, and the two parts can be joined again. I can't wait to find out!