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You Just Can't Quit

Love the journey, not the destination...today is the only guarantee you get.

raloria - Screencapping Goddess
Raloria aka The Screencapping Goddess
Passionate SPN & Jensen Ackles fan (love Jared, too!), Gemini, photographer, traveler, reluctant artist, and two time Script Supervisor for independent film. Lover of old movies & music and a filmmaking geek.

:: Feel free to use any of my caps or Con photos to make icons or other fanart. Please give me credit if you take, repost or use any of my caps or fanart. :)

TV I Watch: Supernatural, Arrow, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Dancing With The Stars, Castle, The Vampire Diaries, So You Think You Can Dance, Hawaii Five-O, Chicago Fire & Downton Abbey.

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My Various Mood Themes are made by other talented folks on LJ (many of whom are no longer on LJ).
Mini SPN Icons by bittersweet_art. Go HERE.
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