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SPN S5 Weapons, Hands, Arms & More Picspam - Part 6 of 7

With all my S5 caps done (and now posted) it's time to have some fun and make a few picspams. I ended up with so many caps in these categories that I'm splitting it up into 7 parts.

Hope you enjoy this look at the weaponry, hands, arms, and some other drool-worthy parts of Season Five. *g*

~~ Part Six: 5x17 - 5x19 ~~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

All caps are 1024 x 576 in size. They're shown here at 700 x 393, just click on them to see them full-sized.

:: All caps made & fixed by me.
:: No hotlinking, please!
:: Credit me, raloria when taking/using.
:: Comments are LOVE! ♥

1. We start off this part with some muddy boot!porn!

2. Confused Sammy hand & arm porn. LOL

3. Another facepalm from Dean.

4. Knuckle!porn? And fierce Dean...*rawr*

5. Such a nice looking hand. *le sigh*

6. Best. Drinking. Dean. Shot. Ever. *guh*

7. I love this scene for all the stunning close-ups. Hand!

8. Hands + Gun = Dead fangirl

9. Arm!porn! *flails*

10. Not sure I like the new watch though. It's so bulky.

11. Hand!Cuff!porn! *dies* Look at the freckles!

12. Aw, this moment. Wish it hadn't been so dark though. Tried my best.

13. Dean angelsword!hand!porn!

14. Dean going after the chocolate! A boy after my own heart. ♥ him

15. Jensen's gorgeous right hand. *flails*

16. Jared's equally gorgeous right hand. *flails again*

17. EMF hand!porn from Dean.

Tags: picspam, supernatural
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