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Jensen Photo Shoot Collage Headers

Been waiting for a chance to use this new icon and here it is. When I'm stressed/troubled I inevitably end up making fanart of some kind. Somehow it makes me feel a little bit better. So you can imagine what I'm going through to suddenly churn out 21 headers in Picnik tonight.

Part of it was due to stress and the rest was because I need more Jensen headers for my own use anyway. However, I'm still enjoying my Midnight Angel one too much to change it quite yet. Besides, I'm honestly not too sure these new headers are all that great. I was looking to try the collage feature in Picnik to make headers that fit my layout better. I think some of these are good, but...yeah, lack of self-confidence going on right now. *sigh*

Most are 1024 wide, so they're in clickable thumbnails.

Typical rules appy: If you take/use please credit me, no hotlinking, & comments would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, fanart
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