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Vancouver BC's Celebration of Light Fireworks: Spain Show - Web Images

It's that time of year again, when I post webcam pics (and later youtube videos I find) of Vancouver's annual Celebration Of Light fireworks competition.

It's 4 nights, 4 different countries. This year it's USA, Spain, Mexico, & China. The music is simulcast on Shore 104 FM.

The Spain Show was titled "Hell & Heaven", representing a battle between demons and angels. The music was all very dramatic and from what I'm reading online, people are already saying Spain has won the competition. I'll wait until I see video before I pass my own judgement. ;)

These images were saved from: http://www.numinous.ca/WebcamPage.htm & http://katkam.ca/

Tags: fireworks, fun stuff, links, picspam, vancouver, webcams of the world
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