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WB @ Comic Con 2010 Video & Caps

Thanks to mrsr58 for pointing out this youtube video of SPN @ Comic Con. There's no S6 spoilers in the video, just the boys talking about the fans & an interview w/the music supervisor on the show. Sadly, the video can't be embedded, but...I have caps! :D

These caps were made quick and dirty, but because of the awesome size of the video, I only shrunk them down to 1280x720 and they look pretty good. Enjoy! :D

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:: Credit me, raloria when taking/using.
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Download all 87 caps via MediaFire: WB @ Comic Con 2010 Video Caps by Raloria.zip (47mb)

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, conventions, goodies, links, picspam, squee, supernatural, youtube
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