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Supernatural 30 Day Meme

Yep, late again. *sigh* But I must complete this meme and since I'm down to the last day anyway...

Day 30 - Anything SPN related

I've considered what to post for this last day for a while now. In the end it all came down to 2 things I hold dear right now...THE moment in the S5 finale "Swan Song" and last year's VanCon.

Sadly, this first video has had embedding turned off, so you'll have to visit the link instead. *sigh*
My favorite moment from "Swan Song". You know the part. I love watching it and even have gotten over seeing poor Dean get beaten to a bloody pulp.


This 2nd video is some of the highlights from last year's VanCon. I love watching this and it brings back such memories. No matter what happens this year I can say my first con experience was the first SPN con in Vancouver and probably the best weekend in my life! :D

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