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Smoky Sunday Sunset Pics

Sunday afternoon the already overcast sky took on an orangey glow as smoke from wildfires up in British Columbia, Canada came down into the Puget Sound area. By sunset, the sun turned a brilliant red and while me, my mom, and aunt were on our way home on the freeway, we raced home to pick up my camera gear, and then dashed over to the Des Moines Marina so I could get some photos.

It was an amazing sight with the sun going behind the Olympic Mountains and there were lots of other people at the marina taking pictures. In fact, we almost couldn't find a place to park! But I got my pics and I'm so happy. It's not every day that you see a sunset like this one. The red color on the water was incredible!

Once the sun set, there were lovely pink sun rays coming from the horizon and I captured those too.

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