raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

I haz Safari again!

I finally have a working Safari web browser on my MacBook Pro again!

Ever since the upgrade a couple of months ago, Safari had been crashing on me upon launching. Soooo frustrating! I did numerous searches about the problem online and found out a lot of others had the same issue. At first I suspected the add-on Glims, but after trying to upgrade it, then uninstall it, Safari still would crash.

Overnight, Apple prompted me to upgrade Safari again. So I did...hoping this upgrade would fix things. It didn't. Gah! So I went in search of the problem yet again. Tried some things mentioned in some Mac forums without success. Then one said to remove the SIMBL folder, which I did. Safari now launches!

I just hope it continues to work. I missed Safari. Firefox is nice, but it's still kind of a memory hog, especially on my MacBook Pro and while I installed Google Chrome, I found it works better on my PC. On the Mac, Chrome gets sluggish if there's any animated gifs....like in my LJ sidebar. Very frustrating. So I've been bouncing back & forth from Firefox and Chrome on the Mac during my Safari problem. Safari might not be pretty with fancy themes & stuff, but it's fast and (up until this upgrade) very reliable. Here's hoping this crash problem is finally solved!

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