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SPN Locations List & Capping Extras Update

Thought I'd let you know what all has been happening. No work was done on the LL Tuesday, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

++ Currently getting Locations episode caps from Season 4. Doing this has clarified some locations and confirmed others.

++ Newest find: The bridge in "Bloodlust". I know where/what it is! \0/

++ The Google Map is basically done, but since I'm finding new info. while doing the capping, those places will need to be added in. There's also some minor things to take care of as far as the order of locations go. Well over 200 Locations are on the list...which encompasses all 5 seasons.

++ Because of the massive number of locations on the Google Map, I'm considering breaking it apart based on areas. No exactly sure if it's do-able, but we'll see. If I run out of time, I'll have to leave it the way it is for right now.

++ Extra Caps: These are caps I end up getting just by going through the episodes as I get the location caps. Sometimes I just can't resist grabbing some extras. Jensen especially is the most irresistible. I AM a card-carrying Jensen/Dean fangirl after all. Some caps are strictly for fanart or icons, but others are simply because they're pretty. *g* You'll be seeing many of these in the Just 'Cause posts.

++ I've noticed how much Dean sleeps in S4 (at least up to the eppy I'm at now). I've been grabbing various caps of him asleep and I'm planning on doing a picspam just of that for Season 4. :)

++ My plan...tentatively, is to update my Location List posts from last year. 1) This will eliminate old information from the list AND 2) I'd like there to be just one place (relatively) where the Location List posts are. The only add-on will be for Season 5, of course. A lot of the old pictures of places will be replaced with newer, Google Street View images.

++ Does anyone know of an easy way to create PDF files from text and images? I seem to recall I used Open Office last year, but I'm not sure. I have a Journaler program on my Mac that I was using, too. I know both can save out to PDF files. Either way, I'll need to update the PDFs as well from the old posts. That will be the final step before I update the entries. Anyway, if anyone has any tips or advice on making the PDF files from the Locations List, I would sure appreciate it! :D

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