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Real life update

Hello my lovely flist. Sorry I've been kind of absent lately. Real life's been kicking my butt bigtime.

If you recall this post two weeks ago, my 93 yr old grandpa had fallen while at a store and was in the hospital. Me, my aunt, and my mom were all set to go see him and planned on bringing him back to our area so he could live with my aunt (she lives one house down from my mom & I).

Well, when we got there we found out the hospital wanted to keep him one more day. His face was kind of bruised up and a little swollen from where his glasses hit his face in the fall. He even had some stitches. Didn't look very pretty, but he was in good spirits. The hospital then transferred him to a rehab facility nearby and that's where he still is. The 3 of us have been driving up to visit with him every 3 days. We go up (w/me driving, naturally), bring in the mail and newspapers at his house, go visit with him and bring/exchange laundry, then the three of us eat supper and come home. Btw, the drive from where we live to where he is takes about 45min to an hour (one way). It's been an exhausting schedule. Luckily, it sounds like my grandpa will be released on Tuesday.

He's got a walker now and has been using it. They've also been working on strengthening his legs, so it sounds like he's coming along well. We're feeling more confident that he can go back to living on his own at his own place once the rehab place feels he's ready. It helped a lot that they fixed the leg brace he's had for years, but quit wearing because it didn't fit right. He's wearing now at the rehab place and says it's already helping with his walking.

Anyhow, there's that situation going on and then there's my mom's health situation that she and I are dealing with. There's been lot of doctor appointments in among our trips up to see my grandpa. We haven't told my aunt or my grandpa about my mom's issue yet. Truth is, we don't have the whole picture yet, so we're waiting before we let them in on it. I also won't reveal what it is here yet (if I do at all). Let's just say there is cause for concern, but it hasn't been confirmed yet, and we'll know in a couple of weeks where things stand.

For a while the VanCon trip was in jeopardy, but now it's back on. We've been assured by mom's doctors that whatever happens it'll be fine for us to be gone for the 6 days at the end of this month. We're so close to it now and so much money and planning has gone into the whole thing that we really don't want to give it up. Plus, after all that's been going on, I think mom & I are both really looking forward to getting away from it all for a few days. She's always itching to get out of the house more and this is her only real chance to travel anywhere. We do little day drives around our area, but this is a bigger trip and I know she enjoyed it last year. Even though she spent most of the time in our hotel room while I was at the convention, she got to see new things.

With only 21 days until VanCon, plus all this other real life stuff going on, mom & I are scrambling to get ready for the trip. So much to do, so little time! There won't be many stay at home days for us in the next few weeks, so my online time will be limited. Of course, there'll still be the evenings, but usually when I get online then after being out all day, I'm kinda tired and don't always do all that much on LJ, etc. I try, and do my best to keep up with my flist, but it's tough at times (plus I'm trying to get that SPN Locations List done for VanCon). Sorry if I haven't been commenting all that much on your journals. And the comment situation? I'm fast falling behind again. Sorry! I'm going to try to pick out a couple of days soon to work on replying back to them all, or as many as I can.

Good news. My cold/allergy, whatever that bug was I got after our Mt. Rainier steam train ride last month? It's just about gone! The cough caused by a near constant tickle in the back of my throat is getting better. Finally! Yesterday I noticed it was hardly bothering me at all and the most coughing I did was really late in the evening. Today it's been pretty good too, so I'm hoping I'm finally ditching the last of this pesky thing. Why is it that a cough is always the last thing to leave? *sigh*

Meanwhile, I'm going to try to fit in as much walking as I can between now and VanCon. I'm also trying to really cut back on how much I eat. I did splurge a bit at supper last night because my mom, aunt, and I ate at iHop for supper. I had an omlette with pancakes. Yum! But that was my one transgression. I'm back on my lite diet today. Here's hoping I can still shed a few pounds before I get to Vancouver. :)

I think that catches you up on what's going on around here. Looking forward to not having to make that drive up north to my grandpa every 3 days. Makes it real tough to get anything done here at home. The dishes are piling up again. *sigh* But I'm fine and getting sleep (I know some of you have been concerned about that). Mom's good, too. We just keep chugging along as best we can with this crazy schedule right now. Thanks again for all your concern and hugs to my previous post. I appreciate it all so much, even if I don't have the time to show it.

Thank you, all of you! *hugs flist tight* :D

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