raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Bad fandom strikes again

What is wrong with people????

She asked that the gag reel video not be uploaded to youtube! Is that so hard to do???? Why does this fandom have to prove again and again and again how immature and selfish it is?

I don't even know tracy. She's not on my flist, but I'm considerate enough to take the generous download she provided and not do foolish things with it like upload it online.

Parts of this fandom really disgust me sometimes. :(

Edit: And now it's showing up on comms. Seriously people! A person asks you to do ONE thing! I guess that's too much, huh?

2nd Edit: The youtube video has now been made private. Let's hope nobody else uploads it.

3rd Edit: It's back up on youtube from someone else. Hell, even Chad Lindburg linked to it. So WTH...we'll all just do what we want to. To hell with requests and rules. Let's break'em all! Everyone else can go screw themselves right? "Don't walk on the grass" sign? Who cares! I'll walk where I wanna!

I'm so fed up with humanity right now.

Tags: fandom, rant
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