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Stop the world, I wanna get off

I can see today is going to be a continual exercise in frustration. *sigh*

I'm PMS-ing, so my breasts are super sore. Makes sleeping real fun, I tell ya. Ow! Sure, I'm happy to be getting my period now, instead of during VanCon, but can we please get it over and done with, huh????

The next 2 days are going to be busy/stressful. Tomorrow we're going to pick up my grandpa from the rehab place and take him back to his home. Then on Wednesday morning (at 7-something in the friggin' morning OMG) my mom is having a procedure done. We won't know the results until the 17th. So Wednesday is going to be a very long, tiring day. Don't know how either of us are going to get any sleep the night before.

I thought I was making great progress with my Locations List project and then I get on the PC and start resizing the S5 caps and I find out I ended up renumbering them in the wrong order. Peachy. So I first had to go through every S5 episode and batch renumber them in IrfanView before I could resize them. *sigh* I managed to mess up one set of caps so badly that some got deleted and I'll have to recap that one. I'm currently getting all the caps uploaded to PB.

So I have the Locations List project in full swing, another project I'm involved with, and yet another one waiting in the wings. Not to mention, well...everything else RL or not.

I'm finally getting to washing the mounting pile of dishes in the kitchen. Thought I'd cleaned some glasses well only to discover I didn't, so back in the sink they go. I tell ya...this day.... Didn't help that I ended up sleeping later than planned. Don't even know if I'll be able to fit in a walk this afternoon. *iz frustrated*

I feel so stressed and tightly wound that I could snap at anytime. There's far too much to do and going on and so little time to do it all in. So if I'm bitchy, I do apologize.

And I'm going to disable comments because I feel I've bothered you all enough. I just had to get this all out...somewhere.

Any doubt that I'm REALLY looking forward to VanCon? I SO need a vacation from life right now!

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