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I wanna crawl in a hole & hide from the world

So now some pics of the boys on set have shown up online. The photographer plainly asks that people "not copy or remove these photographs from my blogspot". Which of course, means that they will show up on every blog and journal within seconds. Because people can't comply with simple requests, they must break the rules, and stomp upon their fellow man.

'Cause who really cares, right? Rules are made to be broken and favors are meant to be ignored. People are gonna do whatever they damn well please, no matter what anyone else wants. Why do the right thing, when the wrong thing is so much more satisfying?

I'm starting to feel that human kindness will soon be extinct. We're all going to kill each other in the end anyway. I'm so effing fed up with the human race right now. Too bad the apocalypse isn't real. We don't deserve to exist.

Tags: emo, ramblings, rant
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