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Quickies 19

:: To-Do List
* Finish SPN Locations List (with any luck, by the end of this week or next week)
* Finish posting my VanCon 09 Reports (I am GOING to get these done before this yr's Con!)
* Post some icons (I've got tons just waiting around)
* Make collages to print out for VanCon autographs
* Start packing for VanCon
* Resume making S5 B&W Fanart (if I have time before VanCon - Ha!)
* Post S5 Picspam (Yep, I've got another one all ready to go)

:: Comments
With all my work on the Locations List & RL keeping me really busy, the comments are fast getting out of control again. To avoid the mess I had last year, I might say to heck with it, forget about the old comments and start fresh once I get to VanCon. We'll see.

:: Personal Messages
Yes, I do get them. Yes, I have read them. Like with the comments, I'm a little slow on replying back. I try my best though. I know I have a bunch of PMs to get back to and I'll try to do that ASAP.

:: Reading
I'm still working on that Singin' In The Rain book. *points to sidebar* Honestly, it's not that great of a book, but I still feel the need to read it to the end. The thing could've used a good editor. In one paragraph they stated something very briefly, in one sentence. A little ways down the paragraph they give the same info. in several sentences. o_O Wha??? Irritating. It also goes into a lot of technical stuff that really wasn't necessary. Do I really need to know when the production stopped on any given day to have lunch? My plan is to finish it before VanCon. Really looking forward to reading something else. While I avoid that book, I still fit in SPN fanfic reading. ;)

:: FanFic
Speaking of fanfic...as far as my own goes, I still have some plot bunnies rattling around. If I had the time to write them down, I would. There's still the 2nd & 3rd parts to my "Dean goes to hell" fic from a while back. A few ideas are kinda lost since the ending of S5. They're really not relevant anymore. Still wanna do my "Dean gets tortured by a demon he tortured in hell" fic. I also got a plot in my head a week or so ago that practically wrote itself sentence by sentence in my head. Too bad I wasn't near a computer at the time. *sigh* It's a fic about what happens to Sam in hell. It was quite vivid...and interesting.

:: Hanging Up My Vidding Hat
There was a time when I really enjoyed vidding, even made a few. I can see now where it's unlikely that I'll ever go back to it. One, it takes forever to make a good vid and Two, there are tons of people out there who are far better at it than I am. And for the record, I also don't make animated icons (don't have the right software & patience to do so) and I don't make mood themes (again with the patience thing). Everything else, I'm into: Capping, Fanart, Fanfic, Picspams, etc.

:: The Cough From Hell
Will this stubborn thing ever go away???? >:[

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