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SPN Official Soundtrack - Finally!

I am so happy to see this at long last! *happy dances* :D :D :D
It goes on sale Sept. 7th, same date as the S5 DVD set! *squee* What an awesome day that's going to be!

I love how long the tracks are. A lot of times with soundtracks the pieces are so short you barely get a feel for them before they're over. I'm also happy that we finally get to hear Jay Gruska & Chris Lennertz's music shine. So many of my favorite selections of score are here...and in the short 30 sec. samples, too. I can't wait to hear the whole thing. Some I could identify immediately, but a few others I didn't recognize. Kinda weird hearing the music from S1's "Something Wicked" on the track for Ruby. And check out those track titles! *giggles* Someone had fun coming up with those! *g*

Follow the link in the title to listen to samples.

Supernatural: Original Television Soundtrack - Seasons 1-5

1. And So It Begins 3:32
2. Luci'fer, You Got Some 'splainin' To Do! 5:44
3. Isn't It Bromatic? 5:14
4. Demon Agitato, Mr. Ostinato 5:03
5. Dean's Dirty Organ (Brother's Guitar Theme) 2:20
6. Americana 4:06
7. The Grateful Undead 3:37
8. "Salmon Dean" In The Heartland 3:57
9. Blood Drops Keep Falling On My Head 4:25
10. Old 'monster Movie' 3:38
11. Decapitation Variations 2:59
12. Tears In My Beers 2:54
13. Gratuitous Sex and Violins 4:46
14. Ruby: So Cute, So Creepy 3:23
15. The Family Business / Elegy for John 4:27
16. The Meatsuit Mambo 2:05
17. Lilith Unfair 4:00
18. End Credits & Mo' Guitar Grit 3:35

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