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SPN Filming Locations: Master Post - Updated!

As many of you know, I've been working at updating my Location Lists from last year. It's been a month, today, to be exact. I completed Season 3 this evening and since it was originally one post due to the shortened season, I had hoped I could keep it that way. Unfortunately, all the added info. & locations made the post too big for LJ *thwacks LJ* so I'll have to make a 2nd post. That's moved up my timetable for posting about these updates.

Anyhoo, the Master Post is now updated with what I've done, what is still old & un-updated, and what is soon on it's way. You'll notice the PDFs aren't up yet. I'll get them posted as soon as I can, since I know those of you going to VanCon will be wanting to print it out for your trip there. The link to my new Google Map of all the locations will also be added to the Master Post soon!

- Clicky on the pic or the link above to go to the Updated Master Post! -

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