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Lemme Sum Up

A few highlights of the day.

++ Boom! Boom!
Not sure how many of you heard about it, but we had some excitement here in Western Washington today. Not only was President Obama in Seattle, but his visit caused quite a shake-up....literally. At about 2 p.m. our house was shook by 2 huge booming sounds, one a few seconds after the other. To me it felt like something big and heavy landed on the house! After tuning in to a local news radio station we learned calls were coming in from all over south Puget Sound about the big booms. Turns out it was sonic booms from some F-15s that scrambled from Portland, OR because an unidentified aircraft entered the restricted airspace over Boeing Field where Air Force One was parked. Apparently, there was no security threat, just a pilot who didn't even know Obama was here. It sure caused a lot of panic in the area for a while there though.

++ Ask Me The Time
Got myself a new watch today, a Timex Expedition. My old watch still works, but the band has always been tight and it's gotten to where it's become very uncomfortable to wear. Tried to find a replacement band, but had no luck, so I went for new. This one has a leather strap, so at least I can adjust how tight it is. ;)

++ Impala Sighting at 2 O'clock!
While in a parking lot this afternoon, mom & I spotted a beautiful bright yellow 1964 Chevy Impala convertible! She was a beauty! I snapped a couple of pics & I'll try to post'em tomorrow. :)

++ Everything comes back to SPN
Was in line at Walmart and spotted a bottle of lighter fluid, immediately "saw" Dean doing a salt & burn with it in an episode. SPN has totally ruined me...for life! Will I ever look at common ordinary things the same way again?

++ Who's Going To Steal That???
Mom & I are watching the DVD of "The Best Years Of Our Lives". For those of you that don't know, it's a great old WWII film, an Academy Award Winner, too. Thing is...this DVD (with no extras, btw) was sealed up like Fort Knox! Three stickers I had to peal off that box and all of them left sticky residue behind that I had to work to get off! What gets me is, why all that protection for an old b&w movie that most people wouldn't even recognize. Do they really think today's youth is going to go into the store and steal that film over the latest blockbuster???? It's crazy!

I think that's it, most of it, anyway. I'm beat, got a headache, and I've gotta get to work on more of the Locations List. No rest for the wicked, right? ;)

And I totally typed "wicket" at first up there. :P

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