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Mission Incomplete

I don't normally believe in signs, but I'm beginning to wonder...

I've been working on the SPN Locations List like crazy lately. Every moment on the computer is spent on it, trying to get it all finished in time for VanCon. The past few days have been rife with disasters though. First, I couldn't find the text file I'd saved with the 2nd half of the Season 3 LJ post. I'd saved the coding, you see, but didn't have time to post it until the next evening. The file was simply gone, yet I knew I'd saved it. So I had to re-code that entire post in LJ over again, which took me hours.

Then Thursday night, I'd been updating the first half of the S4 LJ post. Then my internet went down. Okay...I kept coding until I finished then copy & pasted it into a text document and saved it for later. Tonight, on my Mac, it wouldn't open the file! Luckily, I had saved it to my PC and Wordpad did open it. Hallelujah! Then I worked on updating the second half of S4, right in LJ, editing the original post. I was over half-way through when I made the dumb mistake and closed the wrong browser window. I hadn't saved the post recently, so a lot of the work I'd just done was lost. Had to re-do all of that. Finally, got all of S4 updated, the posts saved, links updated on the Master Post...life was good again.

Then I went to start working on S5. Now, for the past couple of evenings, including last night, I'd been working on simply adding caps for the locations/episodes to the odt files (2 parts for S5). Wordpad wouldn't open the files, neither would Jarte. Nothing would open them. I kept getting error messages. So I unplugged the flash drive (which is where all the files for these LL reside) and plugged it back in. Windows wanted to scan and fix the drive for errors. Okay. I let it. Now I've let Windows do this with other drives from time to time when it found something wrong. Never any problems. Not this time...

I went to open the S5 files and they were blank. Blank! I checked some of the other files...same thing! It fixed the files alright....there's nothing left of them! Gah!!!!!! All the original odt files I saved as updates for all the seasons....are gone. The only good thing is that I have the PDF files I made from them, though I also found where a few of them have been wiped clean, too and now will not open. Good thing I uploaded them to MediaFire right away.

Here's the bad/lost files, you can see how small the file sizes are:

I'm just heartbroken. All that hard work, over all these past weeks gone within minutes. Maybe the flash drive is to blame? I don't know. It's been working fine. Rightfully, I should have had backups on the PC and the Mac of all the files, but there were so many that I didn't want them on the machines themselves, especially when I never knew where I'd be working on this stuff at. Having it all on a mobile drive that I could transfer between the two seemed the best option.

At this point, I'm at a loss. I've pretty much run out of time and S5 hasn't been done at all, either on LJ or as an odt and then PDF file. It does exist, of course, on the Google Map and I'm beginning to think that's the way it'll have to be for now. It would probably take me at least 2 days to do Season 5 and those are days that I just don't have. I have to finish getting ready for VanCon and there's still a lot to do and only 5 days to do it in.

I could cry. This is not how I wanted this project to end up. I wanted to finish it all, have the PDFs for everyone to print out and use to the find the locations, just as I'll be doing during VanCon. Now it'll be incomplete. Season 5 is not done. It's not going to be done...not in time for the Con anyway. I don't know if the fates are sending me a sign or what, but I've been working on this thing for so long and to have a major disaster like this...there are no words.

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