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There is reason for hope

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I just wanna say thank you to all my friends for the love and hugs and advice. You're all so amazing and I'm so lucky to have you!

I'm not giving up on VanCon ('cause my mom, being so awesome, won't let me) and I'm going to try again to get Season 5 of the Locations List done (again, at mom's prodding). I want to finish it, not only for myself, but for everyone else. All I can do is try and hope that my luck changes...and save often...and back up. :P Thank you all for reminding me that things can work out for the better, to not give up, but also that if I can't go on with it, that's okay, too. :) I appreciate all your love and caring, more than I can say.

Enough of this. Like the boys on SPN say...."I've got work to do." ;) *hugs & squishes everybody*

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