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SPN Filming Locations: Seasons 1-5

It's been 36 days of extremely hard work, but...I'm finally DONE!

Or at least as done as I'm going to be with the list this year. I know there's things missing, there's probably some mistakes here and there I didn't catch, and who knows what else, but I did it! It's finished! \0/

Everything is now on the Master Post, including all the PDF downloads and the Google Map link, along with some notes about it. I hope these lists will prove useful to everyone planning on location hunting in Vancouver and for those who can't go there, but just like to see where everything was shot at.

SPN Filming Locations: Master Post w/PDFs & Google Map

I want to take this time to thank all my friends, lurkers, followers, etc. for their patience with me during this past month. This project has taken up all my time and I know I haven't been the best LJ friend because of it. I apologize for neglecting you all. Things will get back to normal next month. Thank you for all your encouragement and your comments and PMs. They've meant so much to me. *HUGS* :D

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