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Random Randomness

Got on the PC today and realized I don't have the LL to work on. Such a weird feeling, but there's plenty left to do. Yikes! 3 days!!!

++ First of all, because Jason Manns just Tweeted this pic of him and Jensen after a round of golf (which Jensen won, of course!). Pure LOVE! *flails*

++ Today is packing and printing day. Gonna start packing for VanCon and printing out the LL, Tickets, etc.

++ Still hoping I can whip out some collages in Picknik to print for autographs.

++ Gonna try to squeeze in a walk this afternoon. It's been far too long. Need to get my body ready to hit those downtown Vancouver streets.

++ Working on putting together a CD of music for this VanCon trip. I made one last year. I'll share the playlist for most of the songs from that CD in a bit here. Ah, the memories!

++ Gonna try....really REALLY try to finish posting about last year's VanCon in these final days. 'Cause when else am I gonna do it? Everything's ready to go, it's just a matter of typing up what little I remember. lol But I wanna get it online before I do this year's.

++ Now that the LL is done I'm starting to get excited. Staring at my new shiny header really helps too! *g*

++ Can happily report my cough is basically gone! I've gone days without coughing, though I have coughed a little today, I'm not worried about it coming back. I so wanted this to be gone for the Con, so I'm a happy camper. :)

++ Still trying to figure out what to do about my Jensen photo-ops this time. I've got 2! Twice as much time next to Jensen! *squee* I figure the first will be a basic pose (do I dare ask for a hug this time?), but what do I do about the 2nd one??? Any suggestions? Anyone??? Halp!!!

++ Hope you're ready to be spammed a bit. Even with so much going on today, I still think I've got a bunch of things to post. :P

I think that's it for now. Packing & printing time for me!!!! *bounces* :D

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