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Music Monday: My VanCon 09 Playlist

Special Edition of Music Monday today with part of the playlist I made for last year's VanCon.

These were songs that I'd gotten hooked on in the few months before the Con, many of them from listening to Shore 104 FM up in Vancouver online. I burned all of these songs and a few others onto a CD to take along up to Van. Sadly, I didn't get to play it until our last day, but it was great fun to have this music blasting on the long drive home at night after an amazing weekend. :D

Of special note is the 2nd song, "You Don't See It" by The Duhks. This became THE SONG for me, representing VanCon itself. I really have no reason for it, except that I love the song and heard it a couple of times in stores when I was shopping for the trip. I took it as a good sign. That I was really meant to go to the convention. :)

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