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VanCon 2010: Squee & Panic

I'm heading off to bed soon, but I wanted to make a post. Not entirely sure why. lol

I'm packed...I think. Don't you hate it when you're pretty sure you're forgetting to pack something you KNOW you're going to need, but probably don't? I've been feeling like that all day. It's all been so crazy the past week. Between getting the Locations List done down to the wire and then scrambling to get ready to go...it's a wonder I'm thinking straight at all. Though...who says I am? :P

I printed out more pics for autographs tonight after doing the same thing last night and deciding I was done. I made a couple of collages of Sam and Dean and then tonight I thought..."Well duh. You've got all those pics from last year's Con. Why not print up a few of those for autos?" So I did. I made a little collage of Jensen and one of Jared from my pics and then one of 2 pics of Misha and my best pic of Aldis from last year. I'll still have to buy pictures there for most of the other guests.

I keep wondering what the freebie will be this time. Last year's was a little metal shooter glass with an image of the boys. Not too bad. I keep my amulet necklace in it...which I need to remember to take along to wear. ;)

I'm taking along a couple of journals this time to try and take some notes during the Con. This way, hopefully, I'll have better reports and won't have to rely strictly on my memory and the reports/videos of others later on.

I've tried to pack lighter this time. Not sure I succeeded, but my toiletries bag is a little lighter...I think. There's certain things I took last year and never needed that are staying at home this time.

Looking forward to the breakfasts and dinners at the White Spot restaurant in the hotel again. Yum!!!! :D

Watched the whole video of last year's Sunday Breakfast and I'm so glad I upgraded to a Gold Ticket again. It was a great breakfast and seeing the guys and Jim that morning was another wonderful highlight in a whole weekend of highlights. I'd kick myself if I'd end up missing it again.

I really hope I can take better pictures this time...specifically, shots that are more in focus. Wish I'd had more time to learn my camera, but it is what it is. There'll be a learning process again on Friday and I've got a couple of new settings to try, so we'll see what happens. I'm taking a couple of new books on the camera along as well...just in case I need them. Though I'm sure I won't have time.

Didn't get everything done that I wanted to do before we left. *sigh* I knew some of it was impossible, but I was hoping. Oh, well...such is life, I guess.

We put in a request for the same room we had last year, so here's hoping we get it. We loved that room. :D

We got the car all detailed last week, so she's all cleaned up from that nasty paintball attack on the 4th of July.

I'm still excited about this Con. It's not the same excitement as last year because then everything was so unknown. This time I have the knowledge I didn't have then which helps. I want to have a great time this weekend, though deep in my heart I think it can't possibly live up to last year's. Time will tell. I've got an open mind about it though and I'm still eager to see the boys and everyone else. :)

Ok, I think I emptied my brain enough for now. I'm already late for bed. We're aiming to get out of here at least by 10 a.m. I hope we make it. 'Nighty night my friends. Next time you hear from me will be from Vancouver! :D

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