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In Vancouver!!!

Coming to you from the 7th floor of the lovely Best Western Downtown tonight! We just had a nice thunderstorm with some very cool lightning strikes! Rained a bit, too.

Okay, let's back up a bit...

We left the house at around 10:30 this morning to gray skies and a light drizzle. During most of the 3 hour drive it rained off and on, sometimes hard. By the time we got up to Blaine by the Canadian border, however, the sun had come out. :) We ate lunch at Burger King, filled up the car w/gas, and crossed the border with little trouble at all. The wait time was even shorter than last year. I'd say about 15 min. We got our money exchanged at the RBC in Surrey again, just like last year and proceeded on to the Best Western Downtown.

The city is as beautiful as I remember. It's quite a site seeing the skyline while going across the Granville bridge. We checked in (& didn't have to wait at all), circled the parking garage for a bit trying to choose the best spot, and settled on one on the first floor. Still a pain to truck our baggages up to our room, but it only took 3 trips this time instead of the 4 I made last year. Oh, and we got the same room, as we requested! So happy about that. I don't think the hotel is very busy this time. Lots of spots in the parking garage, though the White Spot restaurant was quite packed when we ate supper.

We settled in and cooled off by the A/C. Aaaaahhh. I went up on the roof and took some pictures like I did last year. There were lots of clouds though and the sun wasn't out much, so it's very different weather-wise. I'll see if I can post a few of the pics tonight before I head for bed. We went to supper. Mom had the Turkey Dinner and I had the Fish & Chips. Good food as always. I'm stuffed! Ooof!

I had thought of going and registering at the Con tonight, but I'm full and tired and then the thunderstorm hit and I decided I'll just go and do that tomorrow morning. I was also going to go up on the roof again and try to get some night shots of the city (I brought my tripod), but the thunderstorm put the kabosh on that! :P

So here we are...beautiful city all around us, cozy hotel room, and the exciting Vancon beginning tomorrow! *squee* Oh, yeah...and you gotta love the free WiFi. *g* Gotta have my internets here at VanCon. Gotta share the squee.

I'll see about those pics, then the Just 'Cause post, and then it'll be time to get some sleep. I sure didn't sleep much last night. Too keyed up. :P

Later flisters! *hugs* :D

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