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VanCon 2010 - Friday & Saturday - Sample Photos

I'm short on time, got a full belly (finally!!!), and I'm super tired and it's nearly bedtime, but I wanted to share a sample of pics from the first 2 days of the Con with you. :)

VanCon is fun and exhausting...in other words, like any other con (I'm assuming). :P

Friday was by far more exhausting than Saturday. I got every photo-op with every guest Friday and I kept telling everyone it was like a marathon! Met so many friends, old and new. I think 45 to 50 percent of my time was spent just hanging out and talking with my fellow fans. So much fun! :D

Saturday was a little easier, but the schedule was kind of screwed up. I missed the start of 2 panels because I was still getting photo-ops with other guests. I'm hoping today's (Sunday's) go better.

I'm really pleased with the pictures I've been getting for the most part. Being up closer in the Gold Section makes all the difference in the world! I shot 800 photos Friday & Saturday combined! I can only imagine what Sunday will be like. *g*

Enjoy the pics...I'm off to bed soon. Sorry I don't have time to share more right now. Gotta get up early to have breakfast with the boys!!!!! *squee* :D


Katherine Boecher

Matt Cohen

Aldis Hodge

Richard Speight Jr

Jason Manns

Richard & Fred Lehne performing before Jason's concert

Jason Manns in Concert


Fred Lehne

Rob Benedict

Matt Cohen

Clif Kosterman

Samantha Smith

Misha Collins

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