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VanCon 2010 - Sunday - Sample Pics

The weekend and the convention have come to an end. *sigh*

It's sad that it's all over so soon. I wasn't ready for it to end, though my body certainly was sending me other messages. Sunday was, as always, mostly about the boys/guys, with Brock Kelly being the exception. The delight of the Sunday Breakfast was that we were allowed to take pictures the whole time! The boys were dressed awesomely! Jared in a black tee and Jensen in a sexy leather jacket. The panel was just as good, though there was one inappropriate question asked. *sigh* Really people? Can't we get through one Con without this happening????

Anyway, the boys were perfect, the photo-ops were nice, and I got my Jensen autograph moment!!!!! Yes!!!! *fistpumps* Got one w/Jared, too, which I'm also happy about. Yay me! :D

I must say, I'm quite pleased with what my camera was able to do this weekend. Sure, there's still a lot of fuzzy shots, but there's also more in-focus shots than last year. The J2 panel pics are really exceptional. I think people will be really pleased, because I am. They're beautiful! :D

Btw, sorry about the intense color on the panel pics. They had extra lights on the boys and decided to put pink filters on two of them! *sigh* Really messed with my camera settings.


Sunday Breakfast

Jensen & Jared Panel

Brock Kelly

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, personal photos, squee, vancon 2010
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