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VanCon 2010 - Random Ramblings

It's my last night in this beautiful city and I'm having a hard time letting go. The convention went by so fast. I remember feeling on Sunday that the 2 previous days had flown by. I couldn't believe the weekend was almost over. I haven't even taken off my Creation bracelet. Don't think I will until I get home. Then the weekend will truly be over for me. :(

Thought I'd share a few tidbits of the weekend...

++ I have 1,462 photos of this weekend...so far. There's still tomorrow's Location Hunting, etc.
++ Had the most amazing seat EVER. Thank you again agt_spooky!!! The table for the Sunday Breakfast was equally perfect - right in the center and one table between us and the stage w/the boys!
++ I've now been to conventions with Creation's founders Adam (last year) and Gary (this year). I think I like Gary better of the two. Adam tried a little hard too hard to be like a fangirl.
++ There were still scheduling issues at this Con...like last year, except this time (part. on Saturday), I ended up missing the beginning of a couple of panels because I was still upstairs doing photo-ops. Fail! Creation. :(
++ The Sunday Breakfast....sucked compared to last year and most of us didn't even have time to eat what little food was there before the boys arrived.
++ The new way of doing the photo-ops for Jensen & Jared totally worked. It kept the Con on schedule Sunday, unlike last year's fiasco.
++ The autograph lines didn't feel like they took as long as last year. Or maybe that's simply because I was only in the 5th row this time.
++ Friday was a marathon day, with 5 guests and 5 photo-ops for me. Phew! :P
++ Saturday was a little easier. Only 4 photo-ops for the 8 guests.
++ Sunday went by so fast it felt like it was just beginning and then it was over. It did end earlier though. No Jim Beaver to keep us up until the wee hours of the morning waiting for his autograph. :P Love ya Jim!

Guest sightings - outside of panels, photo-ops, etc:
- Matt Cohen: Spotted in the hallway for the photo-op line at least once.
- Aldis Hodge: Spotted outside the photo-op room carrying his luggage on the way out of the hotel. He waved and said hi to a bunch of us. ;)
- Richard Speight Jr: Also spotted outside of the photo-op room...before his panel, if I'm remembering correctly. He stopped and even hugged a few fans....waved to the rest of us.
- Fred Lehne: Seen walking in the hallway while I was in the huge line for Misha's photo-op. He had his head down, like he didn't want to be noticed, but a gal in front of me said hi to him and few others (myself included) followed suit. He said hi back and smiled, but continued on. I also saw Fred with a gal across the street from the Sheraton Wall Centre on my way to the hotel Sunday morning. :)
- Russ Hamilton: Saw him and several of the crew hanging out in the bar on the street level of the hotel by the escalators on Saturday & Sunday.

Guest Squee-age:
*** Katherine Boecher - Sultry and fun!
*** Matt Cohen - He can keep wearing that black t-shirt as often as he likes! *guh* So glad I got my pic with him on the first day. He's also the sweetest guy and so enthusiastic about being a part of this show. He truly appreciates the fans. He said on Saturday that he wished he could've stayed on stage all day. ♥
*** Aldis Hodge - Funny and geeky! And the dude's been working out! Those arms! Whoah!
*** Richard Speight Jr - This guy should be doing his own comedy hour or stand-up show or something. He's sooooo hilarious! Also uber tough to takes pics of him because he hardly ever stands still!
*** Jason Manns - So quiet-voiced when you just talk to him and much taller than I thought he'd be. :)
*** Fred Lehne - Very funny and irreverent. He also kissed me on the cheek during the photo-ops. :)
*** Rob Benedict - Quirky like Chuck and kinda short. I almost didn't get a photo-op with him in fear that I'd tower over him. However, he's actually a little taller than he appears. Love that he pointed out how Chuck was like Radar in "The End". I thought the same thing when I 1st saw the eppy. :)
*** Clif Kosterman - He really enjoys his job, but he's also very matter-of-fact and humble about it. Yes, he lived w/the boys for a while. Jared was upstairs, he and Jensen were downstairs. Yeah, he cooked, but only did a little cleaning. He even gave a little rundown of their daily schedule...pics up Jensen first, then Jared, then they go to Tim Horton's for coffee before heading to set/studio. Oh, and Misha crashed Clif's panel. It was awesome!
*** Samantha Smith - Sweet and lovely. I love how protective and loving she is over "the boys". She talked a lot about how her performance changed after she became a mom herself.
*** Misha Collins - Really? As if Misha can be summed up in only a sentence or two. Like Sam Smith said....he's his own entity. You can't really describe Misha....he must be experienced. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.
*** Demore Barnes - I never would've imagined this guy would be so entertaining and funny! He pretty much stole the Con....even giving Misha run for his money. The man has some killer dance moves as well.
*** Russ Hamilton Big, bold, and able to tell you all sorts of cool stuff while giving you very little information and making you think he's telling you everything you wanna know. :P Mr. Super Sneaky....but I like him.
*** Jensen Ackles - Once again he's exceptional in the clothing department. The leather jacket? *GUH* The tight jeans? *equally GUH* The smile that lights up the room? On display a lot! I loved how he totally worked the eyebrows while listening to questions during the panel. And I'll say it again....you really can't believe anyone can be that handsome/beautiful until you see him in person. He's a sight to behold!
*** Jared Padalecki - Tall, handsome, and that dimpled smile just fills me with joy! Still goofy like a 5 yr old, but a little more mature now that he's married.
*** Brock Kelly - Poor guy. He was so nervous at this, his first convention, but he did fine outside of a little microphone trouble. Can't believe he's 25 yrs old. No way does he look or act that way. But then, I guess that's why he got the part!
*** John Marcynuk - Gave a great presentation and I really liked the neat pics of on the set that we hadn't seen before, including pics of Jensen directing this season. I hope somebody got pics of those, because I didn't.

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