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Join health_hunters!

I've been working on a little project lately and today wynefred, bardicvoice, metallidean_grl, and I are ready to unveil our new LJ comm! :D

The 4 of us have been trying to lose weight and decided it would be a good idea to gather together and invite our fellow SPN fans who are trying to do the same thing. health_hunters Saving People, Hunting Health - Supernatural Fans Fighting Fat is a "virtual Roadhouse" where you can come in, get some ideas on how to lose some weight, share your experiences & knowledge, seek support, and support others as we all wage war against fat and seek a healthier lifestyle.

health_hunters is members only and for right now we're only inviting people on our friends lists to join to discourage trolls and other unpleasant people. So please don't post about us to other LJ communities at the moment. Do feel free to post about this to your own Friends Lists though! :D

Check out our Intro Post: We're On A Fat Salt-N-Burn! & join the health_hunters!!! :D

Tags: my lj comm, pimping
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