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VanCon 2010: Aug 27th, Jason Manns & Concert Photos

Unlike with last year's VanCon photos, this will be the only time I will be posting my pics from this Con. I've done very little tweaking with these outside of fixing some red eye problems and brightening a few of the shots. For the most part, IMO the photos stand very well as they are.

Keep in mind there's a few more blurry photos in this batch than in the others later on. Friday is when you learn what camera settings work and what don't. They also didn't have any spotlights on the guests on Friday, so that effected the photos as well.

It's amazing how much Jason looks and acts like Jensen. The same quiet demeanor and pleasant smile. But get that man behind a guitar and a microphone! *guh* I've been referencing other people's reports to fill in my own weak memories of these panels, but sadly there's hardly anything written up about Jason. I remember him talking about what prompted him to write "Your Song" (I think that's the one). I guess he was driving around, listening to music in his car and what he heard in the music was matching what he was seeing, so he started to put it all together. He even sang 2 songs for us, which was pretty cool considering he still had the concert in a few hours. But this way even people who weren't going to the concert got to hear him sing. :D

I was so glad I saw Jason's concert this year. Last year Steve Carlson was the featured performer, but while I like Steve's music, I like Jason's just a tiny bit more. So I stuck around for his 10:00 show. Actually, it was more like 10:30 because it took them almost half an hour to do a soundcheck while we all stood and talked out in the lobby. Jason came out...without his guitar and said he'd loaned it to the act that was going to start the show...Los Diablos. It was Richard and Fred Lehne! They sang "Sympathy For The Devil" and it was AWESOME! Richard said it was all Fred's idea. Jason began his set and of course sang some great songs. His voice is so smooth and clear! *swoons* At one point he warned and apologized to the people in the side sections that he wouldn't be looking at them very often. Then to those of us in the center, "You guys in the center though, you're going to get an awesome show!" LOL

Yes, a gal did collapse during the show. She was only a few rows in front of me. And I say collapse because that's what happened. She did NOT just faint. It was more serious than that. The concert stopped and a very concerned Jason and audience waited for the paramedics to arrive. I still can't believe how long it took them to show up. It was over 20 min. It was great that there were people in the audience with medical training. Anyway, she spent a few days in the hospital and she's fine. I even got to meet her on the Tuesday after the Con. Such a sweet gal. Too bad she missed most of the Con, but Creation & the audience pooled money together to pay for her train ride home ('cause she wasn't allowed to fly), which was really terrific. At first a lot of us thought the night's events might be over, but Jason was soon back on the stage. He eased us back into the concert, singing ballads until the mood got a little more relaxed again.

Btw, I'm surprised a lot of the concert photos even came out. Most of the lights in the room were off and the stage was very darkly lit with colored lights. Yay for an awesome camera! :D

I did keep a few slightly fuzzy photos, but they're not too bad and I like them, so I've kept them in. The photos have been re-sized down to 1600 x 1067, in order to save space. Still fairly large in my opinion. Keep in mind that the originals are over 4,000 pixels wide. If anyone wants a few in that size, PM me and I'll do what I can to get them to you. :)

To see my other photos from VanCon, please use my VanCon 2010 tag.

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I'd also appreciate a link to whatever you do make with my photos. Thanks!
++ Please credit me, raloria, for the photographs.
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Enjoy the few samples here. Click to see them larger.

If you want all 89 photos in the larger version, please grab the zipped folder download. :)

VanCon 2010 - Jason Manns photos by Raloria.zip (33mb)

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