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VanCon 2010: Aug 28th, Rob Benedict Photos

Unlike with last year's VanCon photos, this will be the only time I will be posting my pics from this Con. I've done very little tweaking with these outside of fixing some red eye problems and brightening a few of the shots. For the most part, IMO the photos stand very well as they are.

Saturday brought extra lighting to the stage from Creation. Depending on who was on stage it either helped or made picture-taking worse.

Again, I missed about half of Rob's panel because at the time I was upstairs getting a photo-op. This was a common problem on Saturday. So sadly, I don't remember much of his panel. He is quirky and adorable....a lot like Gabriel Tigerman in that respect. He brought up being like Radar in "The End" (which is what I thought right away when I saw the eppy), organizing the camp and keeping track of the toilet paper. He went on to say he was kinda like the guy in the army that everyone wanted to be buddies with, but not necessarily take into battle because he'd definitely get killed right away. He then acted out the whole scene where they'd find him dead. Thanks to hells_half_acre for this quote! "'Oh they got him! They got Rob!' - and I'm dead with a spear through my chest, holding a roll of toilet paper." LOL Rob also shared a story about how he once took a run through Stanley Park and ended up in the wrong area....where there were a bunch of shady-looking guys...hanging out together. He ran out of there, but not before crew members spotted him. They thought he ran in there intentionally. Rob's time was up then and they started playing music, but he didn't want to end with that story, so he started doing his Oscar speech! Heehee!

I did keep a few slightly fuzzy photos, but they're not too bad and I like them, so I've kept them in. The photos have been re-sized down to 1600 x 1067, in order to save space. Still fairly large in my opinion. Keep in mind that the originals are over 4,000 pixels wide. If anyone wants a few in that size, PM me and I'll do what I can to get them to you. :)

To see my other photos from VanCon, please use my VanCon 2010 tag.

++ No hotlinking, please.
++ Feel free to take and use these for whatever you like (picspams, icons, fanart, etc).
I'd also appreciate a link to whatever you do make with my photos. Thanks!
++ Please credit me, raloria, for the photographs.
++ Comments are ♥

Enjoy the few samples here. Click to see them larger.

If you want all 30 photos in the larger version, please grab the zipped folder download. :)

VanCon 2010 - Rob Benedict photos by Raloria.zip (9mb)

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