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VanCon 2010: Aug 28th, Samantha Smith Photos

Unlike with last year's VanCon photos, this will be the only time I will be posting my pics from this Con. I've done very little tweaking with these outside of fixing some red eye problems and brightening a few of the shots. For the most part, IMO the photos stand very well as they are.

Saturday brought extra lighting to the stage from Creation. Depending on who was on stage it either helped or made picture-taking worse.

Sam came out on stage and found out Creation had failed to provide a chair, so she sat on the edge of the stage until a few fans provided her with one. Sporting a lovely new (to us, anyway), short hairdo, she said the SPN people took her hair and turned it into a wig she could wear as Mary to keep the continuity. Pretty cool. She said Jensen really loved the "I Wuv Hugs" t-shirt and may have kept it. Awwww. :) She said becoming a mother herself really effected how she played Mary and that it's all about loving those boys. Samantha told about her little dog biting one of Jared's dogs while on set. Apparently, there's a ghost where she lives and at first she thought she was the only one who saw him until she got to talking to her neighbors who'd seen him too! Mary didn't heed Dean's warning because who would remember something some stranger told her years before. Motherly instinct just took over. Oh, and she said Mary never would've trained the boys to be hunters and that she's probably angry at John for doing so.

I did keep a few slightly fuzzy photos, but they're not too bad and I like them, so I've kept them in. The photos have been re-sized down to 1600 x 1067, in order to save space. Still fairly large in my opinion. Keep in mind that the originals are over 4,000 pixels wide. If anyone wants a few in that size, PM me and I'll do what I can to get them to you. :)

To see my other photos from VanCon, please use my VanCon 2010 tag.

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Enjoy the few samples here. Click to see them larger.

If you want all 43 photos in the larger version, please grab the zipped folder download. :)

VanCon 2010 - Samantha Smith photos by Raloria.zip (14mb)

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