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Semi-Rare Jensen Pics

I did one of my routine image searches for Jensen a few nights ago and found a few that I'm sure others have probably already seen, but to me they're not all that common.

I also confirmed that I'd seen the leather jacket that Jensen wore to VanCon before! It was in a photo shoot for a Japanese magazine cover (see below). Sorry, folks. Upon careful comparison between the jackets, I've determined they are not the same. The one at VanCon had snaps which the magazine cover one doesn't have. Other than that they are very similar...but sadly, not the same one. Btw, thanks to cologne_chick for fixing up that pic and taking all the text out. Beautiful!

The last pic is a behind the scenes pic from "In The Beginning" that I've only seen before in the SPN Magazine. This version is bigger and better quality. He's been killing me by wearing a black tee a lot lately. Does he know how deadly he is in that outfit???? *guh* :)

Click to see the larger versions.

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, pictures, supernatural, tv: dool
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