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VanCon 2010: Aug 29th, Sunday Breakfast Photos

Unlike with last year's VanCon photos, this will be the only time I will be posting my pics from this Con. I've done very little tweaking with these outside of fixing some red eye problems and brightening a few of the shots. For the most part, IMO the photos stand very well as they are.

Sunday with the boys! Lighting on the stage was a huge challenge this day. They added 2 more plus, unfortunately, added pink filters (pink!!!) to 2 of them. *sigh*

The Sunday Breakfast is def. one of the highlights for any Gold Ticket holder. It's great to have extra time with the guys. One pleasant surprise this time is that unlike last year we weren't stopped from taking photos after a couple of minutes! I kept waiting for them to stop us but it never happened. I got a lot of great photos as a result. :D

The boys crawled (Jared) and rolled (Jensen) onto the stage, looking wonderful. Jared was in a black t-shirt and Jensen in that stunning leather jacket. *guh* Jared went right into a story about his brother-in-law, John, taking part in a magic trick at Cirque du Solei the night before. Jensen reenacted it, playing the part of John. It was adorable! He then told us his version of the whole phone texting prank on Misha. Jared: "Misha and I sort've got a love/hate thing going on and uh...most of the time it's hate." Loved Jensen's quote: "If Jared was a cat, then Misha would be the ball of string." Heehee! The boys then started dissing Misha in their own adorable way, saying he hasn't been on the set that much this season and has only worked 2 days. Misha still gets paid for the days he doesn't work and sent a text message to Jared at 2 a.m. while he was on set to rub it in that Warner Brothers was paying for the kayak vacation he was on. LOL Plus, they gave us the cool news that Misha is going to be a dad in about a month! They agreed to not prank Misha because of this, but then Jensen said, "Who knows if it's his kid anyway". :P Apparently Jensen hid Misha's car on set. "I just moved his car onto soundstage three. Left it there behind a big translight, which is a big kind of...you know the cityscapes that they hang outside a window, so it looks like we're in downtown, but we're really not in downtown. I hid it behind one of those and it was funny because here I come pulling into a door this size with his car....what does he have? An Audi? I pull it in and all the crew guys are like 'No, no, no!' and then they see me and they're like, 'Right this way...'." LOL! Oh, Jensen.

Jared then went into the phone prank story by pointing out that Misha runs a lot. "But he runs funny." So Misha was at craft services to pick up something to eat, but left his new iPhone 4 there. Jared picks it up and starts texting himself on Misha's phone, thinking it was gonna cost Misha 50 cents per text, so he started doing it one letter at a time. Jensen: "Then Jared realizes, everytime you receive a text it's 25 cents." Hee! Then Jared wanted to call China, but ended up with Thailand instead and tried to stay on the line as long as possible so Misha would get a big phone bill.

They also talked about doing a press junket for the SPN Anime the day before and how they got to see some of it for the first time. Jensen: "Didn't understand a word of it...but it looks really cool." Jensen talked a little bit about his directing of 6x04 and how he had to make so many decisions every day. He said it was fun, but a lot of work and that he has a whole new level of understanding of the director's job. Jared said that Jensen called him back in June kind of apologizing that the script didn't have much of his character in it, so Jared got an extra week off. Jared also got into telling about going to see the pairs figure skating at the Olympics and Jensen talked about the US/Canada hockey game and how he wanted to root for the US, but didn't feel comfortable doing that on a set full of Canadian crew members. The guys really didn't see much of the Olympics because they were working all the time, but Jensen he'd get home at night to his apartment across the river and see the fireworks that were set off every night and go, "Oh, they're so pretty....but I've gotta go to bed."...'cause he had to go to the set the next day. I wish I could remember more and I've basically exhausted everything I could glean from the few videos out there of the breakfast, but you get the idea. It was, as usual, an awesome hour with Jensen and Jared. I didn't even really mind that I didn't get to eat. :D

I did keep a few slightly fuzzy photos, but they're not too bad and I like them, so I've kept them in. The photos have been re-sized down to 1600 x 1067, in order to save space. Still fairly large in my opinion. Keep in mind that the originals are over 4,000 pixels wide. If anyone wants a few in that size, PM me and I'll do what I can to get them to you. :)

To see my other photos from VanCon, please use my VanCon 2010 tag.

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Enjoy the few samples here. Click to see them larger.

If you want all 192 photos in the larger version, please grab the zipped folder download. :)

VanCon 2010 - Sunday Breakfast photos by Raloria.zip (67mb)

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