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Fall TV: What I'm Watching

I did a post similar to this last year. Somehow I think I'm watching more shows this time around, but maybe not. *shrugs*

The grids are courtesy of The Futon Critic.

Mondays: Dancing With The Stars, Castle, and the new Hawaii Five-O.
Looks like I'll be recording Hawaii Five-O on the DVR.

Tuesdays: Dancing With The Stars and Parenthood.
Wednesdays: Survivor, Lie To Me, & the new series Undercovers.
I don't have to worry about Lie To Me until November & for now, Undercovers will be put on
the DVR while I watch Survivor live.

Thursdays: The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, & the new series Nikita.
Wasn't bowled over by Nikita's premiere, but I'm going to give it a few more episodes.
Not sure yet which I'll DVR, Fringe or Nikita, if I end up sticking w/the new show.

Fridays: Supernatural.
The ONLY thing worth watching on Friday nights IMO. ;)

Saturdays: Nothing for me here. Nada, zip, zilch.
Sundays: The Amazing Race.

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