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My Photography Arsenal

In posting photos from VanCon this year, I've been getting some questions about the camera I use, but I thought rather than just give info. about the one camera, I'd introduce you to all 3 of them.

I started out, back in 1985 with an Olympus camera that my dad let me use. It was small, had a built in flash, and shot 35 mm film. It traveled across the country and back with me for many years, was dropped on several occasions (including once at Canon Beach in Oregon where it bounced off a couple of rocks and still worked!), and it became my "indoor-need-flash" camera when my dad let me move up to something bigger and more advanced.

That advancement was a Canon 35 mm camera that he didn't use very much. Btw, my dad was quite the amateur photographer and I like to think I got my eye for photography from him. I still remember the only instructions that he gave me about it was how to set the exposure, the focus, how to change the film, and where the shutter button was. Basic stuff. The rest I picked up on my own. It was big (for it's time) and more sophisticated than what I'd been used to with the Olympus and was great for landscapes and flowers. There was no flash, though I could have attached one, and I basically used it for anything outside or where I had enough light. Like the Olympus it went with me on my many travels across the US and was a trusty camera, producing beautiful images.

But eventually, one has to move into the digital age...

Kodak CX6330
On Amazon.com
Review @ Imaging-Resource

This is my oldest digital camera, bought back in 2003. It's only 3.1 megapixels and has a tiny screen on the back by today's standards. It's also incredibly slow. There's a bit of a wait after you take the picture before you can take another. This was my main camera on the early film productions I was on as a Script Supervisor. It takes movies, but if I recall correctly, there's no sound, but then I never used that feature very much anyway. I still use it for incidental pics (things around the house, the SPN/JA calendar images, etc), but I no longer use it for scenic photos.

Kodak V803
On Amazon.com
Review @ Imaging-Resource

After some trial and error in buying a 10 megapixel Kodak camera, I settled on this 8 megapixel one in 2007 or 2008. It was a step up from my previous Kodak, but still a point & shoot camera. This camera also came along with me onto the movie set, most recently in the summer of 2008 when I was Script Supervisor for 2 independent films. It's a little faster than the older Kodak, but sadly not very good without a flash in low light situations. I still use this, keeping it in my purse for whenever I want to capture something and don't have my big camera along. It also takes fairly decent movies with sound and I've used it for that purpose on occasion.

Canon EOS 50D
At BestBuy.com
Review @ Imaging-Resource
At DPreview.com

I bought this camera in April of 2009 and it is now my main camera. Big, heavy, and with more controls than a 747 jet, this camera is far and away the most advanced one I've ever used, but it also takes the most incredible photos. I bought it from Best Buy with the included 28-135 mm lens and then bought the 70-300 mm zoom lens. Earlier this year I bought a Tokina 12-24 mm wide angle lens, but haven't had the opportunity to use it very much. But I wanted a lens that would allow me to be closer to objects while still being able to get them completely in the frame. It has a built in flash, but I try my best not to use it and in most situations I can use the right settings and not have to rely on the flash, which makes for better looking photos IMO. It's super fast - ready to take a photo within a few seconds once it's turned on. I'm still learning how to use it even though I've had the Canon for over a year, but it gives me full control which I didn't have with the point & shoot Kodak cameras.

This is the camera I used at both VanCons (2009 & 2010), both times using the 70-300 mm zoom lens.

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