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I haz an idea

Last night I got the idea for starting another LJ comm. *facepalms*

No, it won't be about Jensen this time. Been there, done that, failed at it.

I was thinking of a comm where people can rec/pimp their favorite fanart, fanfic, icons, wallpapers, music vids, etc. I did a search to see if there's something already out there, but what I found was either just for fanfic or it was old (spn_recs which hasn't had a post since sometime in 2008).

I thought there could be weekly themes and people could self pimp there own works only one day a month. 'Cause we all gotta toot our own horn once in a while, right? ;)

Basically I want a comm where people can come and see the best of what SPN fandom has to offer - what other people like the most.

So what do you think, flist? You know I value your opinion. :D
And while I'm asking, would anyone wanna help run the comm with me?

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