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CW Connect Video: Jensen Answers Fan Questions

Yes!!!! *squee* :D Jensen finally!!!!

Pardon me while fangirl a bit...OMG he looks incredible! The jacket, the v-neck tee, the hair, the....everything! *ahem* Ok, I think I'm good now. Hee! :)

No real spoilers this time except very, very mild ones.

Edit: Btw, don't go by the name on the video screen. They messed up & put Jared's name. Fail! CW...Fail! :P
2nd Edit: Looks like they took the original video down because of the name mix up & put it back up again under Jensen's name. ;) I've re-embedded w/the new video.

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, fangirling, squee, supernatural, video, youtube
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