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Quickies 20

:: Status Report
I can see now I won't be able to get the remaining 2 episodes of S5 B&W Fanart posted before tomorrow. I'll aim now for over the weekend sometime or at least before I start posting the B&W Fanart for Season 6.

:: SPN Promotional Fanart & Icons
I made caps last night from the new S6 Jingle by Jensen & Jared. They're small, but will make nice banners & possibly icons. I've also got a couple of new SPN icons to share and I'll be posting them along with all my other SPN-themed icons early tomorrow.

:: SPN_WestCoast
Don't forget that if you're on the west coast of the US or Canada to join us over at spn_westcoast for the premiere of SPN's sixth season on Friday night @ 9! We'd love to have you join us in the comments as we watch 6x01 together. For those of you who are already members of the comm - please help spread the word! :D

:: LJ at it again
Just a heads-up but it appears LJ notifications are slow once again. I know mine are at least 2 hours behind in showing up in my email.

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