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The countdown begins...

We're going to leave in just under an hour. I'm getting ready while trying not to worry too much. Took a nap after supper, but other than that haven't slept or even been to bed and neither has mom though I think she's napping right now.

Debating if I should eat. Talk about early...it's only 4:20 a.m. We're supposed to be there by 6:00. Don't they ever perform surgeries at any other time of day besides in the early mornings? Is there some rule in the doctor handbook that says it must be done then? Crazy.

I want to thank you all again for your amazing outpouring of comments, messages, & emails. I'm so overwhelmed by it all, really. I only wish I had time answer them all. Maybe when we get home, whenever that will be. Not exactly sure when they'll release her. My aunt and I believe my cousin, K, will be there with me, so at least I won't be waiting alone. God I hate hospitals. So many bad things have happened at hospitals for my family of late. I even feel bad about my aunt and cousin being there because my uncle died there only over a year ago. How are they gonna feel being in that hospital again?

I guess I should eat something to keep my strength going. Who knows when I'll get to eat again.

Edit: Okay, so I ate a banana. Not much, but they have a pretty good cafeteria at the hospital, if I recall. Wonder when it opens though...hmmm.

Tags: ramblings, real life, the big c

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