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Phase One

Now that I'm awake (more or less) it's time to update you all about mom's operation on Friday.

Neither of us slept much at all the night before. I picked up one hour after supper and mom got a few hours before we left for the hospital at 5:20 a.m. My aunt came with us, we got mom registered and soon she got settled into her room. The nurses and staff were all very kind and friendly and I stayed with mom until they took her to have the sentinel node biopsy done on her lymph nodes. It took about an hour and a half, during which my aunt and I had a chance to get ourselves some breakfast. Once mom was back in her room we both went back to sit with her. The surgeon, anesthetist, and a couple of nurses who'd be in on the surgery all came by to talk with us and answer questions and concerns we might have.

I think it was around 10:30 when they took her for the surgery. It would be at least a couple of hours, so my aunt and I went back out to the waiting area. I spent a lot of that time texting on my phone with trystan830 (thanks hun!). Waiting is the worst because it's boring. Honestly, I wasn't worried about the operation anymore though I know my mom was. I felt competent with the surgical staff that we'd met and I was very calm. At about noon, the surgeon came out to us and said it was over, that everything went fine, and that mom would be in recovery for a while. Once my cousin, K, arrived my aunt and I got ourselves some lunch. After a little while we got word that mom was awake and we each took turns going back to visit with her. I went first and she was very sleepy. Her arms and hands were also swollen up from the surgery and they were trying to make her more comfortable. She had some nausea which is normal and pain on her right side because she'd been laying mostly on that side during the surgery. A nurse went over her post-op instructions with me and my cousin and I went to go get her pain meds. When we got back to where my aunt was waiting, my cousin went in to be with mom and my aunt and I sort of slept....as much as you can in those uncomfortable chairs. Ouch. I think it was an hour and then my cousin was waking me up and saying they were getting ready discharge mom. She was fully awake and they'd given her some vicodin, so she was feeling much better.

We didn't get out of there until around 4:30 in the afternoon. A long day for sure. Mom had to be on a light diet for the next several hours, so I fixed her some chicken noodle soup (thanks to my aunt who went to the store to get it), some applesauce, and iced tea and she slept most of the night. She did have one bout of nausea, but other than that she was okay, just really sleepy. She didn't even need anymore of the vicodin. I was going to stay up and keep an eye on her until she finally made me go to bed at around 5 a.m. :P

We both slept in on Saturday and pretty much slept most of the day away. Mom's back to eating normally now and still pain free though her hands and arms are still kinda swollen. She's still super sleepy though, so I wake her up to eat her meals and then she's napping again. I've been sleeping a lot myself, but part of that is because my time of the month hit Friday. Oh goody. Double whammy for me...staying up for mom's surgery and my period sleepiness). So there you have it, phase one is complete. Now she has to heal up and we go back to the doctor's office on Oct. 12th for a follow-up.

Thanks again for all your comments and best wishes. *huggles flist* I hope to get replies to you all sometime Sunday. Now that I've gotten some decent sleep I'm feeling much better.

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