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Meme: Right Now

Time to roll this meme out again. I created it a few years ago.

Right Now I'm...

Feeling: Hungry
Wearing: Jeans and a dark blue t-shirt
Wishing: The dirty dishes were all magically washed. My back is killing me.
Missing: Vancouver, BC *cries*
Thinking: The internet being all flakey wasn't because of my internet but because of something w/Firefox. Weird.
Wondering: What we're going to have for supper tonight.
Raving About: Hawaii Five-O! OMG That show is so cool and fun! I've still gotta watch Monday's eppy, too. :D
Ranting About: The weather forecast for this weekend SUCKS. Wind and lots of rain. Bleh.
Fangirling/Drooling Over: Jensen....always! He may be married now but my fangirling over him will never die. :D
Thankful For: My mom. :)
Planning: My review of SPN 6x02. Looks like it'll be shorter than normal due to time constraints.
Looking Forward To: Seeing the episode Jensen directed (6x04) next week! *squee*
Dreading: This winter. They're saying it's going to be very wet & cold which around here equals snow. Not good.
Wanting: To be in Vancouver. I miss it so much! That & to get my VanCon Reports done....all of them. Only a few left to do.
Hoping: I can keep on top of the LJ comments in my Gmail. Don't want to let it get over 100. *eyes inbox*

This meme created by raloria

Take it, fill it out on your LJ, and pass it on! :)

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