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First Impressions: 6x02 Two And A Half Men

I'm late...again. Sorry folks. Real life made things a little difficult this time. Plus I was procrastinating about doing this review. I really need to figure out a way to do these quicker and shorter.

In a nutshell: Yep, another winner IMO. I'd been waiting for this eppy since I first read the official description. It really didn't disappoint...except in one tiny area, but I'll explain below. Still loved it! *squee*

Hope you enjoy the caps and my thoughts on the second episode of the season. :D

Blah, blah...boring opening. I mean really...what's with her bloody arms? It's all very dramatic and suspenseful with the person walking on the other side of the door, but....I dunno. Let's get to the guys and the baby. lol :P

Oh, and at first the dead husband looked like Tom Welling to me...just sayin'.

So Lisa, Ben, and Dean have moved and Dean's checking the arsenal in the Impala's trunk. No clue as to why. Ben's unhappy and bored out of his skull from the looks of it. Poor kid and then protective Dean won't let him go ride his bike. Paranoid, much, Dean?

Sam's playing investigator at presumably the household we saw in the teaser. Meanwhile, Dean's still being paranoid and ordering in pizza, when they'd all agreed to go out for supper. Sam calls Samuel, who doesn't get along with computers apparently. And there's something really disturbing when he says "baby stew". Ewwwww.

Uh oh...Ben's gotten into the arsenal which really upsets Dean.

Ben: But I don't get it. You had your own rifle when you were my age.
Dean: Ben, mark my words. You will never, ever shoot a gun, ever.
Ben: I know what's going on. You think something might be coming for us.
Dean: There's nothing coming for us.
Ben: I could do what you do. You could teach me how to shoot-
Dean: Shut up about the freaking gun, okay!

Aw, Dean. You know he feels sorry for doing that right away, but it's too late.

Ooooh. Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park! Gotta be. Heehee! Sorry. I get excited when I see locations I recognize.

OMG Sam's eating! Now we know something's wrong with him. LOL Samuel's made a connection with Sam's security company find and all the victims. Meanwhile, Lisa is confronting Dean over him yelling at Ben. He's worried that something might still come after them, but Lisa reminds him that they still need to live their lives.

Dean: "But if something happens on my watch."
Lisa: "I know you're trying to protect us, but you're kinda scaring me a little, too."

Sam's gone to check out another house. I like the parallel here with Sam hunting alone like we saw Dean do in last week's eppy. Bloody couple in the living room...that's never good. Sam's attacked by a security guard, they struggle, Sam cuts him, and then the dude disappears. And then Sam finds something...

So he calls Dean. Hee! Dean's salting the windows btw. Sam threatens to drive to Dean if he doesn't meet him. Guess what? It's a baby!!!! Cute!!!! :D

Dean's taught Lisa how to handle a gun. Nice. Looks like she was a quick study. I like how she threatens to shoot him if he doesn't hurry up and leave already. Awwww...I like them together. :)

He meets up with Sam (who's thinking they're after a shapeshifter) and here we go with the adorable baby stuff. *squee* :D OMG did they get the most cutest baby in the world or what???? *dies* Who wouldn't smile at seeing Dean? Hee!

Dean: OH, we need to get some supplies.
Sam: I've got an arsenal in the trunk.
Dean: Not that kind.

Oh, back up a sec. Love this exchange when Dean gets in Sam's car the seatbelt alert goes off.

Sam: Seatbelt.
Dean: What am I, in third grade? A car should drive, not be a little bitch.

Okay, mini-rant here. I was hoping they'd point out that Dean's knowledge of babies was tied to taking care of baby Sammy, but...they didn't. *sigh* Kinda disappointing. He points out to Sam that Lisa has a baby niece and then taking care of Ben (which is kinda weird 'cause Ben is 10 years old!). But in the end, I've convinced myself that Dean's knowledge IS from taking care of Sam way back when. Maybe he doesn't consciously remember it, after all he was just a kid himself, but I'm sure, somehow, he picked up some skills back then. Plus, Dean is just naturally a nurturing kind of guy because he's the oldest. We've seen him deal with kids in the past. He understands them, so it's not too far of a stretch to think he'd be able to handle a baby. He doesn't do too badly either and if you notice, Sam lets Dean do it all.

Ok, end-rant. Let's get back to the show...

The grocery store scene is pure GOLD! Sam's reaction to the butt-paste. LOL

Sam: "So how do you know all this?"
Dean: "Lisa's got a baby niece, so I've been on a few milk runs."
Sam: "Huh."
Dean: "Shut it."
Sam: "I just said huh."
Dean: "I just said shut it."

LOL! The banter is back! Loving it! :D
I love how Dean knows the kid is going to start to cry. Yet he also doesn't know how to make him stop. lol

Sam: Dean, make it stop.
Dean: How?
Sam: Everyone's staring at us like we're child abusers! Feed it!
Dean: We fed it!
Sam: Then what?
Dean: I don't know. You think I speak baby? Maybe he needs a diaper change.
Sam: Oh God, I hope not.

So hilarious how Dean picks up the baby and turns it all around like he's trying to find the off switch! The Bobby John naming is very cute, too. But things turn serious when Dean noticed the nice lady is really a shapeshifter. Eeek! She takes the baby, the boys go after her and Sam manages to get the baby back and then pick up Dean in the car for a fast get away. And that sly shapeshifter made sure to note Sam's license plates.

The boys hole up at a motel where Dean shows off his diapering skills. "This is like defusing an IED with poop." The best part is him humming "Smoke On The Water" to the baby and then putting him to bed..."Okay, if I put you down are you gonna be a man about it, hmmm?" Oh, he's so good. *dies from cuteness of it all* Btw, that line is such a Dean thing to say. Great job, writers!

Even Sam is impressed and pointing out Dean's fatherly qualities. Dean chalks it up to Ben and he hopes he can raise the kid differently than how they were brought up. Sam's not sure that's even possible. He then finds out one of the fathers from the past victims is still alive. He goes to check it out while Dean plays babysitter...giving the kid some liquor. Hee!

Sam finds out the father really isn't the father. Uh oh...and Dean's enjoying the old Magic Fingers again. Heehee! But then the kid goes and changes...from white to black. Sam calls and tells Dean he thinks the kid's father is a shapeshifter. Heh. Good timing there, Sam.

Sure enough, the shapeshifter daddy comes knocking on the motel door. Dean fights him off pretty good, but gets tossed across the room. At least he mostly hit the bed first. Sam shows up in time to shoot the creature. "Well there goes our deposit." LOL Oh, Dean.

They hit the road again, discussing what to do with the baby. Dean: "What the hell are we gonna do with it? We can't actually drop it off at an orphanage. They might get upset when it turns Asian." Sam says they should take it to Samuel and Dean bristles at that. He doesn't like the idea of handing over the kid to a bunch of hunters, but since he has no other ideas, off they go...

Dean is very protective over the baby. He doesn't even want to hand it over to Samuel. Sam steps in then and takes the baby from Dean to give to Samuel and oh the look on Dean's face at that! It's like a break of trust between them, which is probably what prompts his question of Sam later on.

Dean and Christian butt heads. Apparently Sam's been mentioning about Dean's days of torturing down in hell. WTH Sam? Sam steps in to break it up, but there's no love lost between these two, that's for sure. Dean's dead set against trusting the baby to a bunch of hunters. He doesn't like the mystery about "this family" and it's not like they're giving him any clues either. Samuel hands the baby over to Christian to raise, but then they hear noises outside and Sam & Dean head downstairs into the panic room while the others arm up. Soon the shapeshifter is coming through the door and it looks just like Samuel.

They shoot it, fight it, and it snaps Mark's neck. Well, that's one less Campbell to worry about. Heh. Just when they think they've got the shapeshifter beat, it ups the ante. Uh oh. In the panic room, Sam decides to go see what's going on and comes face to face with himself via the shapeshifter. Once Sam's dispatched it goes after Dean, turning into him. It strangles Dean and takes the baby, calmly walking out.

Samuel surmises it was an alpha, the first shapeshifter, which is why they couldn't stop it. The boys head for the car and Dean questions Sam about bringing the baby there, that he might've known the alpha was out there and was using the baby as bait. Sam denies it, but Dean doesn't look like he's buying it. Oh, boys...this is not good.

Samuel's on the phone with somebody. Looks like he's working for someone, someone that wants these creatures delivered to them. Curious.

Dean's back home and torn whether he should stay or go. He realizes he's becoming like his dad...a drill sergeant.

Lisa: The one thing that I do know is that you're not a construction worker. You're a hunter. And now you know your brother's out there, things are different. You don't want to be here, Dean.
Dean: Yes, I do.
Lisa: Okay. Okay, but you also want to be there. I get it. You're white-knuckling it living like this. Like what you are is some bad, awful thing. But you're not. But I'm not going to have this discussion every time you leave. And this is... this is just going to keep happening, so... I need you to go.
Dean: I can't just lose you and Ben.
Lisa: That's not what I'm saying.
Dean: You're saying hit the road.
Lisa: Dean, if there's some rule that says this has to be all either or, how about we break it? Me and Ben will be here and...you come when you can. Just...just come in one piece, okay?
Dean: You really think we can pull something like that off?
Lisa: It's worth a shot, right?

Cue "Smoke On The Water"!!!! What an awesome end scene as Dean pulls the cover off the Impala and looks so lovingly at his baby, his home. This is where he truly belongs and it's nice that even Lisa knows this. How cool is she? :) The engine revving, the slight smile on his face...oh, yeah! :D

To hit the highlights:

* Guys + baby = cuteness & hotness beyond belief!
* Samuel is working for or answering to someone. Question is...who?
* Dean doesn't trust grandpa Samuel & the Campbells and Sam is a little too trusting. Aw, Sammy, you've had trouble with this in the past. Remember Ruby? Methinks you're headed down the same path all over again. *sigh*
* Mark Campbell's dead, but I sure didn't see a lot of remorse over him once Dean came up from the panic room. In fact, I didn't even see his body. I don't know if that was intentional or not.
* Dean's suspicions about Sam using the baby as bait for the shipshifter seems a little out of left field, but Sam did hand over the baby to Samuel pretty easily. However, what's backing up Sam is that he called Dean right away when he found the baby. He didn't even think of taking it to Samuel until they'd run out of options. His first instinct was still to call his big brother when he needed help. Awwww. :)
* This is one of the few instances where the creature got away. It's not often where SPN leaves us hanging as to the monster of the week's fate. If all the alpha creatures they'll encounter this season are equally tough to kill, I wonder if this will become a trend?
* Jensen was so gentle with those babies, OMG. Fatherhood is going to be a perfect fit for him, I'm sure of it!

Another big 2 thumbs up! :D

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