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SPN Chicago Con 2010: Pics & Videos

What a day! And I wasn't even at this convention! LOL :P
Been saving all kinds of pics from this weekend's festivities and I thought I'd share them in one post. If I get any others they'll be added here.

This isn't everything, so if you want more from ChiCon check out Super Wiki's Chicago Con Page.

None of these are mine, but gathered off of LJ and mostly Twitter from:
xxsh0tgun, reapers_lair, thereallalablue, jabbermoose, Misha Collins, and Matt Cohen.

Click the thumbnails for larger originals.

Jensen, though not scheduled to have a panel, did indeed crash Jared & Misha's! Yay!!!! *so happy*
Here are two videos showing Jensen asking Misha to do his impersonation of Dean...and asking it like a nervous fan. Too cute! He then joins them on stage! The 2nd video shows more of the 3 of them answering fan questions once Jensen joined in.

Edit: Adding in a couple more cool videos. This first one is of Jensen & Misha goofing around when Jared was being asked a long question.

This video is the first part of the Sunday Breakfast with Jared & Misha. Be sure to catch the other parts as well. Good stuff and the audio is pretty clear.

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