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Video: On the set with Director, Jensen Ackles!

OMGOMGOMG I love getting online and finding goodies like this! *squee* :D
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: On the Set with 'Supernatural' Director Jensen Ackles by Maureen Ryan

Love seeing Jensen directing (finally!). Just hearing him say "action" and "cut!"....*glee* I am so proud of him and I know Friday's episode is going to be outstanding! Can't wait to see what the shots and framing look like, the "feel" he gives this episode.

Obviously, spoilery stuff in the video for 6x04, so stay away if you don't wanna know. Meanwhile, I'll be watching this again and again and again. *g*

Edit: It's on youtube now (thanks Nueva74), so I've embedded that version instead.
2nd Edit: Just noticed this on the website link: "...the clip below is a part of a longer behind-the-scenes segment on the making of 'Weekend at Bobby's.' The extended version of what's below will be on the Season 6 'Supernatural' DVD set when that comes out next year." OMG *bounces*

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