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On the Set with 'Supernatural' Director Jensen Ackles Caps & Icons

You knew this was coming, right? ;) I had to cap the video I posted earlier and that led to making a few icons, too.

Spoiler warning again to those who don't want to know anything about this week's episode.

A little extra squee about this video. I noticed when I was capping that the gal sitting next to Jensen (in white) is probably the Script Supervisor, a job I've done on a few independent films. One of the perks (if you're lucky) of being a Script Supervisor, is that you work closely with the director. So I have to say this, even though he'll never see it...Jensen, I'll be your Script Supervisor any day! :D And I'm not just saying that in a fangirlish way. I really think he'd be very professional, yet approachable (a big thing for me when I'm doing the job), and would be great to work with.

:: Cap Size: 800 x 450
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:: Credit me, raloria when taking/using. Thanks!
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Download of all 98 Caps:
On the Set with SPN Director Jensen Ackles Caps by Raloria.zip (16mb)
Via SendSpace

+ No Hotlinking!
+ Please don't alter the icons in any way. These are not bases.
+ Please credit me, raloria.
+ Comments are love! :D

DirJensenA01 DirJensenA02 DirJensenA03 DirJensenA04 DirJensenA05
DirJensenA06 DirJensenA07 DirJensenA08 DirJensenA09 DirJensenA10
DirJensenA11 DirJensenA12 DirJensenA13 DirJensenA14 DirJensenA15
DirJensenA16 DirJensenA17 DirJensenA18 DirJensenA19 --

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