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Mom update

Mom had her follow-up doctor appointment yesterday afternoon. We finally got some good news! The cancer has not spread to her lymph nodes! *relieved sigh* :D The doctor said, "No more surgery!"

She also said the cancer in the breast turned out to be smaller than everyone thought. Instead of 5 cm it was 3 cm and something (I don't remember the exact number). Which is good news, but she said it was still a Stage 2 cancer. She gave us phone numbers for a local Radiologist and an Oncologist and we'll need to set up appointments to see them so mom can start on her post-op treatment. Her doctor is still mentioning that she probably won't have Chemo, but hormone therapy instead. That's fine as far as my mom's concerned. She really wasn't looking forward to the Chemo and losing her hair, getting nauseous, and all those other side effects. The doctor said older women don't handle Chemo too well, so most doctors opt to give them the hormonal therapy, which is much easier to take, but it'll really be up to the Oncologist.

The doctor noted some possible infection in the breast, so she's prescribed an antibiotic for mom to take for the next week and we already have another appointment for next Tuesday. Oh, I also have to point out the doctor and the nurses there were surprised and pleased that mom didn't have any pain after the surgery! Guess that's kind of unusual based on what the one nurse said. She said a lot of patients have to ask for more pain meds. Mom didn't take any of hers that the hospital prescribed. Good thing they didn't cost very much. lol

Anyway, mom is doing fine and we're very encouraged by the news about the lymph nodes. As my aunt pointed out, my mom was "very lucky", considering she waited so long before pointing the lump out to her doctor.

Thanks again, my friends, for all your comments to these posts. *hugs flist* :D

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