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I'm sensing a lack of motivation

I should be watching 6x03 right now and typing out my First Impression review notes. I should be, but I can't motivate myself to do it. It's been a long day and I'm kinda tired, plus it's almost bedtime. *sigh*

Can't do it tomorrow either, because I won't be home and I sure can't do it on Friday. Well, I could, but...well, that just feels wrong. Talk about late. It's sad when something that used to be fun has become a chore. I keep putting off doing my episode reviews because they're so much work!

There's typing up the notes while watching the eppy, making sure I get quotes correct based on Super Wiki's post, then there's choosing the caps to use, resizing them, uploading them to Photobucket, making the top fanart piece from one cap, putting the caps into the post, typing up my final impressions, and then hitting the post button. Phew! I'm tired just from typing that list out!

I've tried to make the reviews shorter, trying to lighten my workload...and failed. How do you leave things out when practically everything is important? *sigh* So I'm debating what to do...quit doing the reviews? Post this one late, over the weekend? Post it on Friday before 6x04 airs?

I've thought of just posting some quick observations Friday night after the eppy airs, but that would mean no caps. Is that okay with everyone? I know a lot of you like the inclusion of the caps and I do, too, but it does add to the workload of the review posts.

Or, here's another option....the review could just be made up of quotes and caps until the end where I add my 2 cents-worth. I'm almost to that point now, really. Hopefully, it would be less involved, but would still have the pretty. Hmmm....it's a possibility.

I think it's poll time. Heh. ;)

Which way should I do my First Impression Reviews?

Same as I've been doing (text & caps)
Quick impressions right after the eppy (no caps)
Quotes & caps w/my few notes of review at the end
Ooooh....tickie! :P

Is this a pointless post? It almost feels like one. I must be tired. Too much LJ coding today.

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