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Walking: Crisp Fall

Hey, it didn't take a week for me to walk again. Go me! Heh.
I almost skipped it...almost, but I keep reminding myself that I put back on some of the pounds I lost last month. Boo. :( Good motivation to get it back off pronto. The weather was perfect for a fall afternoon walk: sunny and crisp, cool air. Temps were in the mid 50sand at least it wasn't windy. I took the big loop twice with the hill. \0/ Gave me a good workout. Oh, and my speed was up to 3.4 mph. Woot! I'll try my best to walk tomorrow too since I won't be home on Sunday.

Stats from MapMyWalk.com:
Miles = 1.60
Time = 27 minutes
Calories = 119

Tags: one foot in front of the other, real life, walking
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